Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some Pictures From Today

                                Some oddity- in a farmer's field- Montana

                               Jakey loved seeing the buffalo but while I had the window open for him to see, told him no barking at them!

                                More of Montana- getting more exciting scenery than just fields!

                               Part of the Absoraka Mountain Range- near Livingstone, Mo.

Mileage Today- 278 miles- felt like more!
Gas- $100 US
Propane- $24.29 US
Campground- electrical again for night- $37.56 US - (includes Good Sam discount)

Got my disposable cell phone all set and my Verizon for internet while on the road and where I don't have free Wi-Fi... and when I need to do online banking with a more secure line.

Campground in Livingstone, Mt- Osens RV Park and Campground

and... the weather back home.... ( mom's picture)


Sunday- October 25th

                          Yesterday's campsite- Cottonwood Inns and Suites RV Campground in Glasgow, Mt. Pretty empty- off season most places. Did a load of wash and dry in the brown building- $1.50 wash/ $1.00 dry but we needed two dries on our clothes. Hotel is a short walk away to use internet in lobby if you wish and get change. Also in brown building is showers and washrooms.

                                       Metal dinosaur statues on hilltops leaving Glasgow.

                                              Almost like the Badlands of Alberta..

                       No other camping neighbors- stopped at Fort Benton, Mt.. Electrical pull through site- $26.75 with taxes- off season rate- $3 savings.  Free Wi-Fi here as well.Check outs at most campgrounds have been 11 am. Will be glad when we're settled in one spot and don't have to worry about that!

Yesterday's trip was 240 miles but we made a K-Mart stop ( for pay as you got cell phone and minutes- $28) and one at Walmart,( sweater and groceries- $127 but had a pre-paid $100 Visa gift card), that cut into our driving day. Plus a lunch stop at Dairy Queen ($8). Not to mention Jakey's pit stops. 

Yesterday's gas fills-$205. US.

Will be hitting road soon- but unsure how far we'll get for sure. One thing is for sure Montana has been so drab- sorry Montana! But nothing but cows and fields and fields and fields. Got a bit more rolling hills the last few hours of yesterday, but just like seeing a bit more out the window than fields.