Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Imperial Dam LTVA - Not Where We'd Personally Stay

We took a drive to Imperial Dam LTVA ( long term visitor area) yesterday. It's one of the areas like we stay in here in Quartzsite, but less trees. We had actually thought of possibly staying there if we wanted a break from Quartzsite. Our $180 that we paid for the time we are here, allows us access to this area as well, which is about half hour away from Yuma. We didn't care for it though. Took a drive through and seemed so barren. It actually was too open for us.. lacking the trees we were looking for. Too open, no privacy, and just a "no go" for us.


Yuma Proving Grounds

Were out to the Yuma Proving Grounds yesterday on the way into Yuma.

Yuma Proving Ground is a United States Army facility and one of the largest military installations in the world. 


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A Visit To The Vein Clinic

We've been keeping busy for sure. Today we into Blythe ( 25 minutes away) for an appt. with the vein specialist. Last week Quartzsite Senior Centre offered a free vein screening clinic- but we had other things to do that day and they said there was 15 ahead of me when I got there, but did say we could come to Blythe and get it done this week. So I made an appt. I figured it was free and I have had vein issues for sure, so why not. There were alot of older people there when I got there, and alot that seemed in worst shape than myself. I was told there was going to be about an hour wait- despite having an appt., so we ran over to K-Mart to pick up a "few" things. K-Mart is expensive- not like Walmart for sure- plus we just heard the Canadian dollar lost ground again today so we're really trying to be conscious of spending. I mean we still need things, but we do go to the "dollar" stores alot, or will wait till we go to Walmart to get something we need or want.

Anyhow, back to the vein appt., it was a free screening. The ultra sound showed I have one leg that is really struggling with pumping blood. The right leg. The left is sorta bad but the right is two times worst. It may even be one of the causes of my leg cramping in the evenings some nights while I sleep. And it would make sense as the right one is worst.The doctor explained how they can fix the leg with a modern technique. Takes 20 minutes. No down time. Cost? $2,000 USD. Am I getting it done? Well not at this point but it is nice that if you pay anything with cash, there is no wait time and anything can get done. He did say it would over time get worst. So something to think about. Do they do the procedure in Canada? Probably not- and not that would be covered by our coverage, and not without a long wait time.


More Before and After in the RV

Some more if what we've been doing in the RV- changing day and night shades/ valances out to just blinds. The day/night shades get stuck so easily, and hard to move up and down. (They are a 2 piece blind- one comes down for day and then another comes over the top for a night shade). The valance patterns are also out dated, so removing all of these. Going to see if we can donate them to a flea market in town that Gerry says he has seen someone selling alot of these things used for RV's when he was there before.
Photos below of bedroom and main bathroom that were changed out.

                Still have the lights in the bedroom room to spray paint white.

Also did the kitchen today:

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