Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Moved a Bit in Camp

We've moved the camper to a different spot. Only into the next lot, but we've got less rocks in this lot, more trees to block the wind, and we angled more so we can use the solar panels we have to a better advantage for ourselves. We also seem to have more of a "yard"-LOL

We are heading to Scottsdale on Thursday and will be back on Friday evening. (2 hour drive.) We'll stay in a hotel overnight and Jakey will stay in a kennel. There isnt much for camping spots in the city and it will just be alot easier and quicker for us to do it this way. PLUS, we're still waiting to get the windshield fixed on the RV and can't be taking it anywhere on the highway.  I'll be going for a couple of appts. and also went to use some US gift cards I have. Hopefully too get a bit of shopping done. Hard to shop sometimes though with the thought always in my mind that every Canadian dollar we spend, we're paying .39 more on it here.

We had to run into town today with the RV to get more propane and more gas- both run things like the generator and our furnace. Temps get cold in the desert at night so the furnace has to run. In the mornings there usually isnt a wind and we walk on the road with Jakey but winds pick up by afternoon and we walk in the "wash" instead. We were told that this area is in a cool snap right now and will be for a few more weeks. Hmmm. Florida on MY mind-LOL, although everyone says more humid there and bugs. Something we don't have either of right now here in Arizona.


2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Lovers

Don't forget the family pet this Christmas! We've found some great places to get gifts for your pet or for the animal-lover in your life this holiday season. We've rounded up a few great ideas that include the following:

Target -

These products are the perfect gift for your favorite furry friend this holiday season, especially for those of you who are as passionate about your pets as you are about price. With stylish, quality products at a great price, Target’s selection of pet toys and accessories makes it easy for pet owners to spread the season’s joy to their four legged friends.
Find them here on Target's web site:


Every pet, like their human family members, has a different personality that makes them loveable. Some love to chase squirrels and run through the park, while others prefer to lie in the sunniest spot on the floor and relax for better part of the day.  For this holiday season, PetSafe® has the perfect gifts for all pet personalities.

Rowdy and Rambunctious
These fur babies have lots of energy and need engaging toys to keep them occupied.
Busy Buddy® Waggle™ is a great toy to keep your dog entertained. It can be used to play fetch, or as a treat dispenser on both ends to reward for active play.

Price: $4-$6 CAD
Availability: Amazon & Petland

The FroliCat™ POUNCE™ Rotating Cat Teaser is the perfect toy to keep a rowdy kitty occupied. The Marshal Maus™ moves forward and backward encouraging hours of play.

Price: $32.99 CAD
Availability: Amazon & Petland

Calm Companion
Squeezing in playtime between relaxing and napping is very important for these four-legged family members.
For the relaxed, yet determined chewers, PetSafe® suggests the Busy Buddy™ Bristle Bone. The durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs of the Bristle Bone encourage good dental health, and the rawhide treat rings around it make it irresistible for dogs to chomp on, right in the comfort of their doggy bed.
Price: $5-$20 CAD
Availability: Amazon & Petland

When sleepy kitties need to stretch their paws out, the Funkitty™ Egg-Cersizer™ is a great toy to encourage play. The treat ball randomly dispenses treats or dry food and is adjustable to the cat’s level of play.
Price: $6.99 CAD
Availability: Amazon

Playful & Peppy
For dogs who just want to play, PetSafe® suggests the Busy Buddy® Tug-A-Jug™. Its rope feature creates the go-to tug of war game and treats can be hidden in the bottle to keep them occupied for hours.
Price: $10-$15 CAD
Availability: Amazon & Petland

The FroliCat™ DART DUO™ toy is a sure fire way to keep your playful feline busy. They can even bring a friend to play with, dog or cat!
Price: $46.99 CAD (Dart duo)
Availability: Petland & Amazon (Dart Duo)

Dreambones -
Dreambones are a dog's dream come true! Fill those doggie stockings this holiday season...

-No Rawhide
-Highly digestible (over 90%...more digestible than premium dog foods!)
-Made of vegetables & chicken
-Made in Vietnam under strict US quality control

Dreambones can be bought at Walmart, Target, grocery stores and drug stores.


   A promo code for our readers: 
- 1INCOMEDOLLAR (Get 10% off your first subscription with code 1INCOMEDOLLAR at https://meowbox.com)

What it is:
  • meowbox is a monthly cat subscription box for your cat, full of fun toys and yummy goodies, delivered to your door
  • all the items are chosen with care and all edible treats are made in Canada or the US
  • they often support small businesses and include well-made handcrafted toys and treats

Why they are different from other pet subscription boxes:
  • Each box is personalized by hand with your kitty’s name
  • They give back. meowbox has a program called One Box Can: with every meowbox you purchase, they give a can of food to a shelter cat.  Plus, you can track your individual can to see where you've made a difference.
  • For picky kitties or ones with special dietary requirements, you now have the option to receive a meowbox with no edible items. They replace food and treats with more toys and goodies.

  • Prices: $32.95 for 1 month, $27.95 for 3 months ($83.85 upfront), $22.95 for 6 months ($137.70 upfront)
  • free shipping
  • They ship to Canada, US, UK
  • box includes 5-7 items

Pet-Pro Bowl by Remarkabowl-

Remarkabowl's 'Pet-Pro' patented sports themed designs make for the perfect pet bowl for every sports fanatic and are the only pet bowls with the look, feel and texture of a real sports ball! Pet-Pro was named "One of the Top 10 Coolest New Products" by The I Love Dogs.com site and their All-Star quality scores with owners and pets alike. Made of 100% BPA and toxin free polypropylene, these non-tip, non-spill, sports bowls are completely safe, come in 3 sizes for animals large and small, meet the highest quality control standards, have easy to handle thumb holes and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Your pet will "Halve a Ball" with a Pet-Pro Bowl by Remarkabowl

Twigo Tags -

We must protect our pets we love! A Twigo Tag is one of the simplest tags on the market - simply write, boil and wear. The tags self-attach and are completely silent, ideal for those who dislike the jingling noise. Twigo Tags are stylish, unique and provide our pets with the safety they deserve! Great Stocking Stuffer for any dog or cat on your list. Learn more about Twigo Pet ID Tag.  So many styles to choose from for $10! 

Jelly Wellies-

The Jelly Wellies collection features all-weather protection including stylish boots and rain coats.The collection comes in six fun bright colors: firey red, brite pink, vibrant yellow, classic green, crystal blue and dewberry, which mix and match with the camouflage, racing strip and solid style, wrap-around belly band rain coat. These deluxe fleece lined rain coats are not only durable but fashion forward too!  
Available on amazon.com for $20

** Watch this spot for more great gift giving pet ideas.

2015 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

When thinking of fun stocking stuffers, the sky is the limit. Traditionally these are small gifts that often can bring a great smile to the recipients face. This is a great opportunity to give some practical items that may not be ideal as a main Christmas gift, or choose gifts that are fun or whimsical in nature. 


Their Manuka honey all natural soaps are so soft and gentle on your skin even for people with skin problems. They are so gentle that they are wonderful for  young children and babies. If your soap leaves you itching or irritated after you wash try these wonderful calm and soothing soaps and you will never go back! Makes a great "natural" stocking stuffer idea!


The latest and greatest in antiperspirant technology!  Dry Spray is available in variants made by DoveDove MenDegreeDegree Men and Axe, so there is for sure a scent for everyone in the family. The new Dry Spray Antiperspirants provide 48-hour odor and wetness protection and go on instantly dry for a cleaner feel, leaving no visible residue. Great stocking stuffer and something everyone uses!

**Gerry and I have tried all these and really love them from the old style wet sprays!


VO5’s Men’s 3-in-1

Simplify the guy on your list’s routine with this no-clutter, out-of-the-shower-quick combination of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Available in masculine scents such as Ocean Surge and Fresh Energy VO5 Men’s 3-in-1 offers a clean feeling from head to toe at an affordable price, just 99 cents for 12.5 fluid ounces.


The iconic, once-weekly, one-minute pre-shampoo treatment is ideal for women wanting to add a little TLC to her hair during winter’s dryness and heat-based style tool damage. Formulated with VO5’s 5-vitamin formula, Hot Oil helps to restores moisture and add shine leaving hair looking radiant at a very affordable price ($5.84).

Add a boost to your shower with a fruit-filled, scent stimulating experience. Twice the concentration of your average shower gel, Zest Fruitboost doubles the fragrance and lather, lasting up to 40 showers in every tube.* Rich moisturizers and the antioxidant power of Vitamin C work together to reveal beautiful, nourished skin. Zest Fruitboost is available in four luscious, fruity fragrances and retails for $2.99 at Walmart.

**Watch this spot for more stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family.