Creating a Sustainable Side Hustle in 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 is the year when many individuals from all walks of life will choose to begin working smart as opposed to hard. As traditional employment strategies slowly give way to innovative approaches through the power of the Internet, online trading platforms are becoming extremely popular alternatives. Should you require sustainable wealth from a medium- or long-term perspective, it is important to know where to begin. Let us take a look at four sure-fire strategies to give birth to a truly lucrative side hustle this year.

Knowing Your Limitations

Every trader needs to know how much he or she is willing to risk during any position. This principle can be applied to every market and all investment strategies. A sizable portion of those who fail will undoubtedly overexpose themselves and in turn, substantial funds can be wiped away. It is also just as critical to appreciate your emotional limits. Never trade when tired, frustrated or angry. Such feelings can quickly cloud your judgement and lead to snap decisions. A successful strategy always should include an amount of what can be called "proactive detachment". To put this phrase another way, never base personal feelings or "gut" instinct on a trade.

All About the Electronic Broker

There are literally thousands of online trading platforms currently available. Nonetheless, only a small fraction of these should be chosen. Carefully weigh all of the amenities that each has to offer. Some questions to ask can be:

      What is the minimum amount of investment?
      What spreads are offered?
      Are there different trading levels?
      How many customer service options are offered?
      How many currency pairs and underlying assets can be traded?

Cutting-edge platforms such as CMC Markets are able to address the needs of both novices and professionals with ease. Electronic trading always needs to take into account such variables.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

It is said that variations in the thread will strengthen the weave. Diversification leads to a stable portfolio. The very definition of "sustainable" revolves around the notion of being able to enjoy a steady income. Therefore, it can be a good idea to pair short-term Forex positions with other less liquid options such as commodities, properties, indices and equities. It would be nearly impossible to enjoy such levels of stability otherwise. Another advantage of this approach is that less importance will be placed upon a single trade; leading to a more objective point of view.

Staying Ahead of the Information Curve

There is no knowledge that is not power. While this may sound a bit philosophical, data is king in the world of Forex and CFD trading. Keeping up to date with the latest global occurrences will enable you to plan ahead and take advantage of any sudden market movements before they pass you by. Therefore, be certain to choose brokers such as CMC Markets which are able to supply real-time news feeds from a centralized platform. This is a much better strategy than being forced to navigate to different websites only to find that you were unable to capitalize on this momentum.

 2016 should prove to be a very profitable year for anyone who chooses to adopt these simple and yet fundamental mantras. Every day, trillions of dollars change hands on the open markets. Fortunes are made and wealth is simultaneously squandered. Although you may not become a millionaire overnight, building a sustainable income is certainly a realistic possibility. Each of these suggestions should be used in combination with one another as opposed to representing a standalone system.

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