Replacing A Bowl Seal On Dometic RV Toliet

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recently we started having an issue with one of our Dometic toilets in our RV where it would not hold the water in the bowl. Of course we are not the original owners of this 2005 RV, and unsure the age of the toilet, so it may have been the original.

Upon determining that it was a Model 210, we contacted Dometic to see if they could help with resolving the issue. We were helped out quite quickly, and were shipped a new bowl seal for review on our site.

Having received it, Gerry installed it today as in little as 10 minutes following the easy to understand directions on the package. Now we have a toilet that is holding water and fully functional again. We might add that the replacement seal came with a secondary seal, one which our original unit did not have, so we can be assured that we will now have a longer lasting toilet. What we found by inquiring is that sometimes you just might need to contact the supplier of your product to ask for a resolution. Dometic had been most accommodating to our emails and this issue.

Dometic designs and manufactures high-quality, innovative products for the RV, marine, hotel, automotive, agriculture, and trucking industries. Under the Dometic brand, they supply these industries with an extensive range of appliances and products.

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