Review: SmartTote2 LX 4-Wheel - 27 Gallon

Saturday, January 9, 2016

RVing down in Arizona for the winter- our first winter away from home, we were quick to realize once we got in the area we needed to dump our black/grey tank more often than we may have thought. Us having an "add a room" as well on the RV, meant unzipping and unhooking the "add a room" every time we needed water or to dump. This quickly became a big inconvenience.

We were seeing people in the area hauling portable totes and thought more and more that this would have to be something that we would need to look into to make things easier for us while we were spending a few months in the LTVA- (long term visitor area). We were familiar with the Thetford name  and had found they carried waste totes searching the Internet. One product they were carrying was the Smart Tote LX- 4 Wheel model. This model showed it being rugged, fast to empty and easy to rinse and all attachments  on board. We ordered this model and it was quick to arrive, and easy to use. We would highly recommend getting one if you are boon docking or in any LTVA areas and want to leave your RV or 5th Wheel set up in place and still run out to empty tanks. Makes life so much easier!

LX 4-Wheel Features:

Easy sewer hookup with 90° elbow nozzle included

PermaStoreTM storage compartment protects the pre-attached hose and stores sewer fittings

Front wheels attached to handle for maximum maneuverability

No heavy lifting – handle hooks onto trailer hitch for easy towing

Rugged, rubber wheels

AutoStopTM Level Gauge

Prevents messy overfilling

Improved venting for faster tank emptying

Large port opening makes for easy rinsing

Cradle pivots, hose extends for quick, clean hookup

Bayonet cap prevents spills; just pull out, connect to fill or empty

Level Gauge/Valve stops flow when tank is full to prevent messy over-filling!

No heavy lifting - use the convenient, included tow handle (on LX models) to easily pull your SmartTote from RV to evacuation.

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