Friday, September 9, 2016

Today's Quick Tip

Keeping organized continues.

Go through your fridge and freezer and check expiry dates on your food. Getting rid of what you won't be using or that has expired way past it's date.
Minimize excess packaging as well to make more space.
The same or next day, do the same with your pantry. Don't forget to check spices too. Most will have an aroma when opened if they are still good.

More Great Food Creations For Your Upcoming Halloween Party

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Nestle's Healthy Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Fruit Pizza For Your Upcoming Halloween Party

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At Home Spa Feet

I once and only once, had a spa pedicure done.It was at a small resort town in the mountains of British Columbia, and it was free. It was a freebie from going to a timeshare presentation.It was so nice to be pampered and my feet truly did enjoy it. The cost should I have had to pay for this pleasure? $65! I had the whole deal though: the soak, the scrubs, the paraffin wax treatment , the painted toes, etc .
Could I afford to do this on a regular basis? Maybe. But would I want to? Maybe. But would I? No..I'm just too frugal for that.
You can give yourself an at home pedicure and is easy to do.

-Fill a small  basin with warm water- enough to cover your feet.  The water should be warm, but not too hot.
-Add some foot soak or baby oil to the water to soften the feet. Epsom salts may also be added.
-Soak for approx. 20 minutes, remove feet and towel dry.
-Remove the dry skin and callouses with a pumice stone or special tools used for this, in the beauty section of your drugstore or department store.
-Apply a cream like Flexitol to your feet- I find these work the best for moisturizing.  Pay close attention to your heels when you are doing this to truly get soft feet. The heels tend to be more prone to drying out.
-Once you've gotten the foot cream on, you are ready to paint your toes.I like the french pedicure myself.

And for those with feet problems,  visit Foot Care Direct for resources on foot care problems.