Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Subway On Its Way to Removing Artificial Colours, Flavours and Preservatives From the Menu by 2017

We love this:

SUBWAY® restaurants made a bold commitment to remove all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives by 2017. To date, SUBWAY® Canada has removed artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from 28 menu items, adding turkey, chicken and roast beef to its growing roster of toppings, soups and proteins that contain the ‘free from’ claim. 

SUBWAY® restaurants has also strengthened its commitment to investing in Canadian agriculture across the country. Introducing Canadian-raised ham, turkey and shaved steak, and committed to sourcing all roast beef, chicken and meatballs from Canadian producers by the end of the year. The sandwich shops also provide home-grown produce across Canada, where possible. During peak harvest seasons Western Canada guests are able to enjoy British Columbia-grown cucumbers, guests in Ontario can add cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and onions from the Green Belt region and guests in Quebec can add local green peppers.

State of the Sandwich
·         1998: Full list of nutritional information for the main menu debuts
·         2000: “8 under 6 menu,” featuring eight sandwiches under six grams of fat, launches
·         2008: Trans fats are removed from all menu items
·         2009: Sodium reduction initiative begins (to date the restaurant has reduced sodium by 30 per cent across their lunch and dinner offerings)
·         2014: Simpler bread recipes rolled out
   High fructose corn syrup removed from all SUBWAY® products
   Quebec green peppers arrive in Quebec restaurants during peak harvest season
·         2015: Baby spinach added as core offering
  Pickles and banana peppers with no artificial colours arrive in restaurants
    Canadian prime rib and steak are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
    All breads (including flatbreads) contain no artificial colours or flavours
·         2016: Canadian turkey and roast beef with “free from” claims introduced
  Meatballs, chicken strips, and omelette recipes revised to meet “free from” commitment
  Guests in Ontario can enjoy home-grown cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and onions during peak harvest season
  British Columbia cucumbers served in restaurants during peak harvest season

For more information about SUBWAY® Canada and its commitment to providing quality menu offerings, visit; join SUBWAY® Canada’s online community at or follow @SUBWAYCanada

Frost This Morning!

We had -2 degrees on the thermometer this morning with frost covering the grass on the front lawn.
Gerry took my clothesline down yesterday as the weather has just not been nice enough to dry outdoors anymore. 
Getting ready to head out of town in the RV about mid October and will head west first to see daughter and her boyfriend, then depending on the weather, towards the Fraser Canyon in B.C.. Plans CAN change though.
Need to get into the RV this week and do a little clean up before we start loading it up and heading to sunnier skies and warmer weather.


How To Save For a Special Occasion

No matter what point it is in the year, there’s always a special occasion right round the corner. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, christening or Christmas day- life is expensive. As fantastic as these kinds of celebrations are, they all demand money. With the festive season fast approaching, you’ve probably got your best budgeting hat on already. But regardless of what you’re saving for- here are a few ways to make your money go further.


Save Up Your Loose Change
Any spare change you find in your purse or your pockets, dump into a container. You won’t miss it, but over time it can really add up. If you choose a tin or box that you have to smash or open with a can opener, you’re much less likely to dip back into it. Something like these from the site could be useful.

Open an Online Savings Account
Open up an online savings account with your bank, preferably one which gives you good interest rates. Then whenever you get paid, transfer some money into it. Whether it’s a little or a lot, just go with what you can realistically afford, and it will soon add up.

Sell Old Stuff
Most of us have things like old mobile phones, computer consoles and other bits of outdated technology sat in cupboards gathering dust. They might seem like old junk, but there are lots of companies out there who will pay for this kind of thing. Even if it’s just a few dollars, it all helps. Plus you get to declutter and free up some space. You can sell clothes on apps like Depop, and general bric a brac and other miscellaneous things at boot sales. If you’re not using stuff, sell it to someone who will and earn a little bit of money in the process.

Use Coupons
When you’re saving it’s important to keep spending down, and therefore only make necessary purchases. But if you absolutely have to buy something, don’t just go in and pay full price- look for bargains and coupons. For example, you could browse a site such as The more money you can save on essential purchases, the more money you free up for saving,

Do Some Work Online
A second job online could earn you some extra cash, and means you’re putting your skills to the test too! It could be online questionnaires, writing, design work or something else. Setting up a blog is a good way to earn a second income. While it’s not something that will take off overnight (and you do have to put in the effort) if you’re passionate about a topic and on the lookout for a new hobby anyway, this could kill two birds with one stone.


How do you save up for special occasions? Do you do any of these things?

7 Surprising Things That Could Leave Your Personal Finances in Ruins


Personal finance can be a cruel mistress. We can go for years creating our perfect little pot of money, but it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye. There are lots of obvious ways this can happen. Death, for example. Divorce is yet another common one. But, there are some things that you might not expect. You need to be aware of them, and being on your guard is crucial if you want to avoid a nightmare scenario.

And, we’ve come up with a list of seven things that you might not have thought about. What would you do if you found yourself in one of these scenarios? Think about it.

Your Bad Habits

You might not think that your smoking habit is doing all that much damage, but it is. The same goes for your alcohol addiction, or your needless gambling habit. That money adds up, and before you know it, you could be out of pocket. It’s amazing how much money you can save when you put a stop to these. Of course, that might not be easy, so it might be worth looking at a rehab center to help.

Using Multiple Credit Cards

Once you start getting multiple credit cards, the world is pretty much your oyster. You can do whatever you like, and spend as much as you need. It’s an amazing feeling of freedom that borders on dangerous for some people. Once you start adding multiple cards into the mix, it becomes harder to track expenditure. If you lose track entirely, you might find that you can’t pay off any debts that you get into. Suddenly, you’re in a huge mess, and it’s all because of those damn cards.

credit-card-1583534_640 (1).jpg

Using Credit Cards At All

If this 2011 article from Business Insider is to be believed, you probably don’t want to use credit cards at all. They mention that McDonalds observed transactions for both cash and card. The results came out that customers were more willing to spend money on their cards. It makes sense, really. I think we’ve all been in the position where we’ve spent a little extra on our cards. It isn’t real money in front of our eyes - we don’t have to part with anything. That’s quite scary, and potentially an argument to quit using credit cards as much as possible.

Your New Job

Wait, what? Am I saying that your new job could lead to financial ruin? Sorry to spoil the party, folks. To be honest, any job could do that. The obvious danger comes in the form of slips and trips. Workplace injuries are common, and a personal injury lawyer might be able to come to your aid if this happens. However, some jobs can put your finances in ruin based on their nature. I used to work in a cell phone store - I found myself spending far too much on cell phones entirely. The same thing could happen to you, depending on the circumstances.

A Traumatic Event

We’re not talking about the financial costs of a funeral or divorce with this one. Instead, we’re talking about the emotional aspects of a traumatic event. It plays havoc with your mind, often leading to overspending to try and ease the pain. Before you know it, your finances could get very much out of hand. The act of spending is often thought about in relation to personal finance, and the emotional side of it is just as potentially damaging.

graduation-879941_640 (1).jpg

Ignoring Your Credit Score

It’s commonly thought by many that checking your credit score will lead to it worsening over time. In some cases, like consistently failing to get a contract, that might be the case. However, ordering your report to check isn’t going to do any damage in most cases. In fact, it might even do the opposite, improving your report. Ultimately, ignoring your credit score entirely isn’t your best bet. Of course, doing the right things to bolster that score is also very important.

Your Bachelor’s Degree

You don’t need me to tell you that getting a bachelor’s degree is an expensive thing. Ultimately, you’re doing it to get a higher paid job at the end of it all. But, that isn’t necessarily guaranteed. That aforementioned Business Insider article mentions that 2 million fresh graduates were out of jobs at that time. That’s a lot of people, and you might just find that your personal finances take a huge hit until you find something. Hopefully, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it!