Tips For Earning Extra Income Around Your Day Job

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

So, you’re looking to make a little extra income? Aren’t we all! The majority of us could do with fatter pockets come the end of each month – a little something to tide you over, or to spend on those finer things in life that we tend to forego for financial reasons. It’s easy to assume that you haven’t got the time to earn more money – when we’re all rushing from A to B, trying to get through our to-do lists every day, earning extra income can seem impractical. Today, we’re providing some tips on ways to earn extra income around your current employment. 

Online poker

Here’s one for those of you who’ve already got some poker skills. You needn’t be as good as the poker legends we see each year at the World Series of Poker, but you need to know the rules and how to outsmart your opponents. Set a budget for the month and a limit on the amount of time you sit down to play, and you should be able to take home a little extra every month. If you have zero poker prowess – learn how to play before you start gambling with real money!

Become a virtual assistant

Are you incredibly organised and handy with a computer? If so, these skills could be utilised to become a virtual assistant. The money is surprisingly decent, you can expect to make between $25-$100 per hour. Virtual assistants will help their clients with basic admin tasks – booking appointments, flights, online assignment help, typing out emails - all from the comfort of your own home. It’s possible to find roles like this on Craigslist, or for a small fee on sites like Zirtual and

Rent extra space

If you have a spare room or space on your driveway or in your garage, this excess space could be earning you a nice monthly sum. Airbnb is a fantastic little earner for anyone with plenty of space or someone who is out of town a lot. Most people will prefer to hire out a whole property, but it is possible to just rent out a room. If you live in an area where parking is tight, you could make a significant amount by renting out your space to a commuter or someone who lives nearby that doesn’t have the luxury of their own private parking space. JustPark is a great place to start.

Pet sitting

If you’re an animal lover, chances are you’d look after someone’s dog for free! Well, now you don’t have to – on websites like Rover and Care – you can offer your services as a pet sitter, either during the daytime, overnight or at the weekend. You’ll have to complete the sign-up process, which involves posting pictures of yourself and your home, as well as any information about your own pets, but it is possible to earn an additional $1000 a month.

Sell your old stuff

We all have belongings sitting around collecting dust that could be earning us cold hard cash rather than cluttering up the garage. Items like old electronics, toys, clothes and books could all bring in some extra cash. There will be some sign up time involved, and you’ll probably have to post photographs of what you’re trying to sell – but if you have enough sitting around, this could be a easy way to make some extra income while tackling some of that clutter your significant other keeps banging on about! 

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