DIY- Replacing RV Upper Cabinet Glass Inserts

Monday, February 19, 2018

I got tired of the outdated frosted white glass with it's gold etchings in our RV and was looking for a change.

Gerry priced out black Plexiglas after someone told him that glass would cost more. But upon going to Home Depot and looking at the Plexiglas, he found a yet cheaper option, and that was a piece of black PVC for $8 as opposed $32 for the Plexiglas.

Here's the Before and After pics below.. thanks Gerry!

It took about an hour to take all the glass out- was glued in and had to be all cleaned out ...

Love the new look so much better- what do you think? Still need to do some re-staining of the wood in here- all a work in progress.


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