Life Slows Down In The Desert!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

We've been back in Quartzsite, Arizona since the 17th. Paid $40 for 2 weeks but not sure we'll be here 2 weeks- well, we won't be for sure. It'd a very small town and we're staying out here in the desert. I do miss the lack of a "good" grocery store for one thing.

We noticed this one guy out here camping out of his box- not sure how some people can do it...we saw something similar a few years ago when we were out here. This wooden box does appear to have a door on the back but no windows, no anything  else.. but a solar panel on the ground. He does also have a small truck to tow this...but he does actually stay in it. And another one below:

Also went to some in town flea markets today- bought another small gift for the neighbors who are looking after our place while we are away.

Stopped at the town's #1 attraction according to the reviews on Trip Advisor... the Hi Jolly Tomb and Monument.

Gerry went into town earlier and got some LED globe bulbs. They are expensive!
He did ask for a deal though and got 6 for the price of 5-  $55 US- tax included. 
Wanted them for the main bathroom.

He's been complaining about the lightening in the main bathroom in the RV for a while. Especially for shaving, but we've put off buying the bulbs because of the expense. The lights before gave off a yellowed look to the room. Now it's alot brighter.

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