Sunday, February 18, 2018

Could You? Or Question Is- Would You Do Without It?

We're a society who loves our internet, tv and radio shows!
Has anyone gone without TV , internet or radio for a full 24 hours? Gerry and I were talking about that today after reading about a lady who was going to challenge herself to. I know I love being on the internet, and him he likes his TV- so could we, would we do it? Hmmmm - I'd have to say unless there was a power outage, or I'd be stuck on some island, am not sure we'd want to !
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binabug said...

My plasma tv's been unplugged for over a year now. I can't say there are quality tv programs on tv, we had a dish about 27 years ago, before we had kids but the nets got everything on it now, and we don't even have a land line now either. The last time I watched a reg tv show I was in university and star trek the new generation had just started up

Monique Fullowka said...

wow. We have Netflix we watch, and we do have favorite shows. We also like Redbox and DVD Express while we are in the US. I even play the radio in the day for noise.. so its not any of the things I could give up- even for 24 hours I dont

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