Vacation Revelations: Yes, You CAN Afford to go Away This Year!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Family vacations are what memories are made of, and a week or two away is a great time to bond, enjoy each other’s company and have fun. In years to come, it’s these kinds of occasions that you will all look back on fondly, so it’s nice to get away as a family every once in a while. The thing with travel is it can be expensive, and so if you’re living on a budget you might have ruled out a vacation without even really thinking about it on the grounds that you can’t afford it. However there are plenty of money saving tricks and ways that you can get out of your hometown for a while and explore another part of the world. Here are some ideas!

If the money you have coming in right now is just enough to cover what goes out, then you’re not in the best position to save. In this instance, finding ways to earn extra money is the way to go. If everyone in the household pitches in, you could raise a good chunk of cash to use towards a trip. You and your partner could take on some extra hours at work, it could be weekends or overtime during the week. You could look into earning money from home, there are tonnes of freelancing sites these days where you can take on projects from the comfort of your own home. If you have teenage kids, they could get a part time job or do things like babysitting or car washing at the weekends to earn some money. Selling items you no longer use is a good way to raise some cash, most of us have old technology, broken jewellery, old clothes, accessories and more. These can raise a surprising amount of cash online, at boot sales and places like Facebook groups, plus it helps to declutter the house too. Contribute everything you all manage to raise into a pot, by the end of the summer you could have a nice chunk of cash for your trip.

Travelling doesn’t have to be all five star hotels, expensive tourist attractions and gourmet restaurants. It’s quite possible to get away and have a fantastic time without spending a fortune. You could book an all inclusive vacation, that way all of your food and drinks are covered and you know you won’t run out of money and end up stuck by later in the week. Lots of places offer cheap or free child places so it’s worth looking out for deals like this. You could go camping, this would save you on pricey hotel stays, or even consider a road trip in an RV or campervan. That way you have travel and accomodation in one, you can stock up the fridge with food from the grocery store and have a wonderful time without spending much. If you have money leftover, you could use this to book an attraction, shopping trip or fancy meal one night. Whether it’s a South African safari, a London shopping day or a trip up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you could make this the highlight of your vacation. The other days there are plenty of cheap or free things to do. Parks, museums, art galleries, you could browse markets and sample street food. None of these things would cost much but would give you experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

By raising some extra money and getting smart with the trip that you book, for most people it’s possible to go away this year. So don’t disregard the idea just because you don’t have thousands in the bank.

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