Sunday, March 5, 2017

#Easter Basket Non- Candy Basket Fillers

Easter baskets can be alot of fun to put together for your own children, grand kids, or nieces and nephews. We'd like to offer you some great ideas to fill those baskets as either add ins to baskets or for creating a non- candy basket.


If you are looking for something sweet for that Easter Basket but want to skip the sugar, look no further than this new trio of sparkly spa products for kids ages 5-11.

Yum!Spa invites her to relax, refresh and #Besweet with a burst of tutti-frutti freshness. This new line of products, with passion fruit, sweet peach, juicy melon, white orchid, blooming jasmine and sheer lily,  is designed for young girls with a love for all things fun and fashionable. She’ll enjoy our Sparkle Lotion, 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, and Shipper & Shine Body Mist. And the price is right too — between $2.297-$3.37. Pick them up at at Walmart near you and at  

**Watch this spot for more upcoming basket filler ideas.

I Love Graeter's Ice Cream and Here's Why!

I'm not sure anyone could get as excited about an ice cream brand as me but I LOVE Graeter's ice cream. Having possible lactose intolerance and other food intolerance issues, Graeter's ice cream is THE only ice cream I can eat that doesn't cause me any problems while eating or after eating it.

Plus I LOVE the hand crafted flavors and as well the CHUNKS of chocolate they add to their Signature Chip line up. I don't know what I am going to do when we go back to Canada in a few weeks! We don't have Graeters there! I think for sure I am going to need to at least have a few to take back in our freezer.

Graeters uses only the finest of ingredients as well- see here. I really can't say enough good about their ice cream. I tried a new flavor today from over at Smith's grocery. Tried the Mint Chocolate Chip. Love it. Rich mint flavor with those wonderful CHUNKS of generous bittersweet chocolate. Yum! 

If you haven't tried this brand, please do. And then come back to tell me how right I was- that this ice cream brand rocks!

Desert #Flowers in Bloom Near Our Campsite- Craggy Wash, Arizona

Was checking out some nice flowers in bloom near our RV today.