Sunday, October 22, 2017

End of Day 3 On The Road

877+ miles covered- about 1400+ to go! Tiring day.
Up at 6:30 am today because we realized the power went off- which meant, our batteries were depleted. So Gerry had to boost the generator from the SUV to give us power again.
Then gas, and on the road at 9:30 am to Bismark. Made a stop there, had lunch in RV and then we were on the road again.
Thought we'd go see the Sitting Bull Memorial but GPS took us on some crazy farm road and we were stuck in back country and dirt roads for about half hour. Decided we were not going to waste anymore time and that we would just pass it by, and made way back to the highway, and onward to our stop for the night- Pierre, South Dakota.
North Dakota was so insanely boring- so much farm, farm and more farm! 
We did see miles and miles of corn and sunflower fields ready to be harvested and pheasant hunters with their dogs.
And South Dakota has also so far up to this point been unexciting.
Sorry to the folks living in these states but what we've driven through so far, we don't want to have to come this way again...just nothing to see...