The Gift You Give Yourself- "Bucket List Adventures" by Annette White

Friday, December 21, 2018

I was so excited when Annette's book- Bucket List Adventures arrived in the mail.

On our own site we love to travel, see and do new things, and are always on the look out for ways to get more out of life. Follow your dreams now- and like the saying goes, "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today!"

I have followed Annette's site for over a year already, and love following her on Facebook as well, keeping up to date on what her or her and her husband Peter are up to!

In her wonderfully written book she talks about living out your dreams. 
The 352 page book is easy reading, colorful and a hard to put down one. One I'll truly be keeping forever- and not only because it's autographed -LOL- but because it's one you want to use as a reference book, to read through over and over.

Annette loves life and she encourages others to use theirs to their fullest!
Her book is a great gift to give to yourself this holiday season. I guarantee your going to love it! You can Look Inside the Book on Amazon and see what I'm talking about! Then you can order right from the same page. Merry Christmas to YOU!

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