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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Well, we're off for the 3 hour drive towards Mexico tomorrow, to Los Algondones again for our annual dental trip. We'll need some work like cleanings, crowns, possible fillings- the works. We don't have insurance so the trip over the border, even with the drive there in the RV is cheaper than a regular trip to the dentist for what we need, done locally.

Having the RV is nice, but it does come with a cost - like a second home at times. But when we live in it 6 months of the year it really is.
Had to buy a new engine battery today- they only last about 2-3 years and ours was 3 years+
Cost of new battery: $244 CDN ( taxes included) with a core return refund of $25 CDN. Ouch.

Gerry said the summer plan will also include a new roof for our RV- with him doing the work- plus we need some new awnings and there may be a new shower that needs to go in and some renovating to make things work, in the bathroom. I hope our tax refund will be a good one!

November's Expenses were a bit wonky as we also went to Las Vegas and spent time seeing the girls- so extra money for gas for the RV, SUV, parking and camping fees- but this is it in US dollars:

Groceries: $562.48
Water and dumps: $43.70
Parking: ( Vegas) $27.00
Propane: $82.73
Camping Vegas-KOA- $106.20
Laundry: $28.00
Gas SUV: $144.00
Gas RV: $515.00

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