Even Arizona Gets Cold!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Been cool the past week but even Arizona cools down a bit for the "winter". Been running the furnace in evening and in mornings. Today wasn't even one degree this morning when I got up.

Must be a bit rough for those living out of their cars like this guy near us:

Had some bad luck and my lap top died. Took it to Staples for a free look at and they said the CPU fan quit and it couldn't be replaced. But they said we could take it somewhere else for a second opinion.

That second opinion costed me $25 + tax USD. They said it could be replaced and it was the fan yes, but would cost me  $140 plus install and a week's wait. So I decided to just go to Walmart and get another one. Ended up paying $199 + tax USD= $300!

But I have a working lap top now, and Gerry has been looking at the other one. He's a very DIY type of guy, and already had it start up, so getting somewhere!

Its been rough on the pocket book with our Canadian dollar taking the hit. It's been going up and down and up and down while we've been here, especially in the last few weeks with the stock market taking hits. Not much one can do though.. but complain LOL

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