Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our Trip To Laughlin and Bullhead City- Nevada/ Arizona Border

Since we had stayed our two weeks @ Craggy Wash BLM, we had to move on to another spot. Decided to go see Laughlin, Nevada/ Bullhead City, Az., which share a border like we do with our Manitoba/ Sask. border back home. The gas costs more on the Laughlin side and they dont have any grocery stores. Shops and about 10 casinos in a smaller Vegas type town, but groceries have to be picked up in Bullhead City.. which was about 10 minute drive. 

  Loved the look of the outside of this hotel- made to look like a riverboat, but online reviews didnt have too much good to say about the inside.

                                         Bullhead City, Az- across the river.

Gerry was quite sick with a cold that's still nagging at him so we didnt do too much while in Laughlin. We did go to a couple casinos though, had some lunch and took some pictures, as well as walked down on the Riverwalk with view of the Colorado River.

               Water taxis, and leisure boat rides available on the Riverwalk

                                     Far end of town-  drove down the road which is a strip of hotels/casinos and the river.

              Even this little old granny in her walker/chair was playing to win!

Really not much else to do in Laughlin for sightseeing - its more about the casinos and the shows I guess. But now we can say we've gone.

            You can park with your RV behind the Tropicana Hotel for $7 a night- providing security, garbage and water/dumps for your RV.

** Photos can be clicked on to enlarge.

How to Get Through Some of Life's Toughest Problems

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  1. Tend to Your Needs First
Sometimes eating a gallon of ice cream and watching Netflix while nestled into your cozy mattress is the way the mend someone’s aching heart, and that’s okay! It is actually a healthy sign that you are dealing with your emotions and letting them be expressed openly. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! Whether that is doing something you have never done, blowing your money on clothes you would never normally buy, or eat straight carbs for a week. No one is judging because if there is any moment in life to tend selfishly to your needs, it is the hardest life moments. Do what you need to do in order to make yourself feel better in the moment. However, that can’t become a never-ending cycle, eventually, it has to end. As much as we all want to eat away our problems, it is not the answer.

  1. Accept Reality
The next step to get through life’s hardest problems is not easy. However, accepting reality is the most important thing to do. It will soothe your mind and soul and give you comfort that nothing else can change reality. Acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean agreement, but it is about acknowledging a circumstance from a realistic standpoint. It is also about realizing you are not in control, but you can control yourself and your feelings. Accepting the reality of a hard situation can take anywhere from days to months. There is no timeline, so you aren’t expected to accept reality instantaneously; everyone gets through things on their own time. It all depends on the person and the situation they are in.

  1. Be Productive and Purposeful
Once you have accepted the situation you are in it will help you manage your thoughts and regulate your emotions. This will help keep your behavior productive rather than staying cooped up in your bedroom and letting life slip by. Unproductive behavior is like throwing a pity party, which involves constantly feeling bad for yourself rather than moving forward with life and staying productive. Once you start being productive again, ensure everything you do is purposeful. Sometimes the lowest moments in your life end up being the most fruitful when you apply your energy in a productive way. Maybe it’s time to fix up your home or enhance its value with the installation of artificial grass. No matter how you define productivity, when you add purpose to your actions it will help make your life seem more meaningful again and bring back happy feelings. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what can I do to help myself today?  Whether you need to quit your job or move away, just make sure it’s with purpose!

  1. Control Your Upsetting Thoughts
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  1. Find Extra Comfort
There is nothing wrong with seeking help. Some of us find comfort in counseling or just finding a peer who you can confide in when times get unbearable. There is a reason why we have shrinks, so there is no shame in visiting one. In addition, maybe you want to invest your time into a belief system or religion you find comfort in. Whatever extra source of comfort you desire, it may be a good support system when these life problems seem to never go away. It is like putting on a brace for a mending broken bone.