Thursday, February 22, 2018

Life Slows Down In The Desert!

We've been back in Quartzsite, Arizona since the 17th. Paid $40 for 2 weeks but not sure we'll be here 2 weeks- well, we won't be for sure. It'd a very small town and we're staying out here in the desert. I do miss the lack of a "good" grocery store for one thing.

We noticed this one guy out here camping out of his box- not sure how some people can do it...we saw something similar a few years ago when we were out here. This wooden box does appear to have a door on the back but no windows, no anything  else.. but a solar panel on the ground. He does also have a small truck to tow this...but he does actually stay in it. And another one below:

Also went to some in town flea markets today- bought another small gift for the neighbors who are looking after our place while we are away.

Stopped at the town's #1 attraction according to the reviews on Trip Advisor... the Hi Jolly Tomb and Monument.

Gerry went into town earlier and got some LED globe bulbs. They are expensive!
He did ask for a deal though and got 6 for the price of 5-  $55 US- tax included. 
Wanted them for the main bathroom.

He's been complaining about the lightening in the main bathroom in the RV for a while. Especially for shaving, but we've put off buying the bulbs because of the expense. The lights before gave off a yellowed look to the room. Now it's alot brighter.

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3 Affordable Presents To Gift To Your Loved Ones

Getting the right present, whether for an adult or a child, can be outright baffling nowadays. On the one hand, the market is flowing with alternatives, some of which are better than others. On the other, you do have to make a bit of effort and take into consideration the preferences of the gift recipient.

On top of everything, some gifts can cost a pretty penny, which can put you in a situation where you can’t afford to get something that person might really want. Stop fretting about it and check out the list we’ve put together. You might get some new ideas if you’re all out any.

Smartphone lens kit-

This present works best for teenagers and virtually any individual who has an Instagram account or who is passionate about photography. Most of the sets we have come across are priced at around fifteen to twenty dollars, and there are several dozens on various retail websites that have received thousands of favorable reviews.

Such a kit usually comes with several lenses that one can attach to one’s smartphone. The fact of the matter is that this type of present scores big with someone young, who loves social media. Maybe that person lacks the funds to get a DSLR camera -- so such a lens kit might be salutary.


For someone who likes to repair stuff around the house, a borescope can be an essential tool as it can help them visualize hidden places where their naked eye might never be able to investigate any damage. The device is usually equipped with either a flexible or a rigid cable at the end of which there’s a camera with a variable resolution, depending on the model you will choose.

Some borescopes are in the 20 to 30-dollar price range, but others will cost a hefty one hundred or more. Read this article to learn how to select the right device.


Another gift that’s budget-friendly is a drone. When shopping for such items, there are roughly two ways of going about things. You can get a drone that’s more of a toy, and as such, it isn’t outfitted with a camera. The other alternative is to purchase a drone that does include a camera. The higher the resolution, the higher the price, but you probably knew that already.

The basic point to keep in mind is that should the gift recipient love photo or videography, a drone might score high with them. If the person you are trying to impress is a child, don’t spend a lot of money on the device as it might get damaged. Kids can sometimes be clumsy, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but everything costs money, in the end.

We hope that you have enjoyed this selection of inexpensive gift ideas for your loved ones. Sometimes, spending quality time with your family members can be more important than spending a fortune on an expensive present. Try to organize your schedule and make room for a picnic, a hiking trip, or even a whole day of fishing with your friends. 

The Secret Of Thick, Healthy Hair

If you spend your days looking at Pinterest photos wondering just how they manage to have hair that long and thick, then you are in luck. It is true that some people are born with a predisposition to having thick and long hair, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for you to give up hope. The secret to growing long and healthy hair isn’t really a secrecy at all, it's all about looking after it and making sure you don’t destroy it. Simple, right?

Avoid Washing Too Often

Water is the lifeblood of everything, but it can also weaken your hair if you get it wet too often. Water causes your hair to swell as this in turn makes your cuticle open up. This makes your hair more susceptible to damage and splitting. Because of this, you want to try and avoid getting your hair wet as much as you can, this will allow your hair to stay strong and to grow.

Turn Down The Heat

Of course, styling your hair with heat is something we all do on a regular basis, and there’s nothing wrong with using hot rollers for thick hair and blow drying a couple of times a week. Just watch how often go do use heat, and when you do use heat, make sure to first spray the hair with heat protection spray to seal the cuticles.

Use A Rinse Once A Week

You may think that washing and conditioning your hair is fine, but you may be forgetting about treating your scalp too. After a while your scalp can become blocked with excess shampoo, dead skin and debris. If you want to unblock the scalp, you can use a rinse once a week and keep your scalp healthy. A simple option would be to take some apple cider vinegar and mix it with water, then simply dump it over your head once you have shampooed and conditioned the hair. This will keep your scalp healthy and allow it to grow longer, thicker hair.

Put Your Hair Up

If you want to protect your hair from becoming damaged during the night, you need to start putting your hair in a protective hairstyle overnight. If you sleep with your hair down, the hair strands become tangled in the fibres of your pillows and this can cause split ends and snapping of your locks. By either putting your hair in a loose braid or in a bun, you will stop this from happening and allow your hair to stay strong and thick.

Use Oil

Oil is the best thing you can do to thicken the hair and promote hair growth. You can either buy an oil treatment from the store or make one yourself at home. All you will need is a mixture of some of the following oils: coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil, argan oil, macadamia oil. Mix any of these oils together in a small bottle and use this as a treatment once a week. To promote hair growth, apply the oil to your hair and then tip your head upside down. Massage for five minutes to stimulate blood flow and then leave the oil in for a few hours. This will grow your hair quicker and keep it thick and strong.

Ditch The Towels

One of the tips which will help your hair the most is to ditch the rough towels and instead use an old t shirt to dry your hair. The reason for this is that towels have large fibres which can entangle your hair and damage the ends, whereas t shirts do not. By drying your hair with a t shirt you will reduce frizz and keep your hair strong and shiny.
Let Your Hair Dry In The Air

Instead of getting out of the shower and immediately reaching for the hair dryer, you are much better off letting your hair dry in the air. When your hair is wet it is much more vulnerable to damage, so applying heat can dry out and damage your hair much more than when it is dry. Wait for a few hours and if you want to style your hair, do it when the hair is almost completely dry. This will keep your hair from splitting and becoming brittle.

Use A Wooden Brush

Wooden hair brushes are your new best friend. They absorb oil from your roots and every time you brush it, they redistribute the oil all over your hair. This keeps your hair moisturised and healthy for much longer than a plastic brush.