Sunday, March 4, 2018

Something Added To The Bucket List

It wasnt something that was planned but I recently read that there are vortex sites around Lake Havasu City and area, and one we learnt was near the doggy park that we take Jake to, so after a short play at the park today, we drove over to see if we could "feel anything".

Standing in the location of the proposed vortex we didnt really pick up on anything, so we sat on the rock that was there and each of us felt "something". 

We closed our eyes and could feel an energy of sorts moving our lower half as we sat on the rock. I definitely feel it was something that happened. I feel if there is ever another chance to go to a site, we'll as well know what to feel for.
Has anyone else ever been to a vortex site?

A Little Change Looks Much Better

We had to change the tap set in the kitchen as it was leaking, hairline crack somewhere.. not fixable. Everything Gerry said is made of plastic nowadays and we get alot of vibrations in the RV when traveling. Our RV is a 2005 and we arent sure either that it was the original set. But new set only costed $13 USD from Walmart.

Decided also to change out the set in the smaller bathroom as it was white and got dirty very easy. Dirt always got it's way into all the nooks and crannies. The new set I got, also from Walmart, only $10 USD. Before and after pics below.