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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Over the years my eyes have gotten worst, but mainly for reading. As one ages I had read that you can get age related muscular degeneration. Which is what I believe I have. I know alot of 40-50+ use reading glasses. I have a few pairs from the dollar store, but I am really liking my new ones I got through

I got a pair of readers with a metallic frame for in the house reading and being on the computer. But the ones I am most excited about are the ones that are reading sunglasses! I was only wearing my reading glasses outside before when I was reading and had no protection from the sun. Now with my reading sunglasses, I can safely read outdoors without the squint or worry of sun damage to my eyes. Plus- their stylish! And affordable!

And quite simple the Readers mission is to help people see clearly and enjoy life! offers alot of great glasses on their site but as well so much valuable information on eye health and choosing glasses. Be sure to check out their eye health videos when your visiting their site. Interesting and informative!

Happy Eyes! Happy Wallet!

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