NYC on a Budget

Monday, May 27, 2019

New York City is certainly somewhere that you could spend a fortune. You might have seen pictures of all of the fancy hotels, glamorous locations, tourist hotspots, and designer shops. You might know people that have been shopping in New York City at Christmas time, spending a fortune on gifts, enjoying the season attractions, eating in world-famous restaurants and staying in the finest city center hotels. If you’ve never spent any time in NYC yourself, you could be forgiven for thinking that that is the only way to do it. Most of us assume that a visit to New York has to cost the earth because that’s how everyone else seems to do it. But, it’s simply not the case.

New York is a big city. This means that there are plenty of options. For every fancy five star restaurant, twenty hot dog vendors are serving classic NY treats perfect for those looking to have the experience on a budget. You just need to put a little more thought into it. Here are some tips for visiting New York City on a tighter budget.

Make a Budget

The biggest mistake that people make when traveling anywhere on a budget is not actually making a budget. They have a vague idea of how much they want to spend, and they might stick to it when it comes to accommodation and flights. Then, they arrive, and without a detailed budget, they are in danger of overspending.

If you need to stick to a budget, make one. Know exactly how much you have to spend on flights, accommodation, traveling to and from the airport, transport for the duration of your trip, food and drink, days out and visits to attractions and souvenirs.

Time Your Visit Well

New York is incredibly busy at important times of the year. Around Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day and the peak summer weeks costs are likely to be much higher. Visit between January and early April for a cheaper break.

Book Online

Booking flights and accommodation online can be a great way to compare prices and get great deals. But, that’s not all that you can book. Attraction entrance, subway tickets, and Broadway show tickets can all be bought in advance online.

Stay Out of Town

New York is enormous, and some areas are much more expensive than others. On a budget, you certainly don't want a hotel overlooking Times Square. Staying outside the main tourist hotspots can save you a lot of money.

Utilize Public Transport

New York cabs are famous all over the world, but they are by no means the only way to get about. Take the subway, trains, and buses to save money, and walk as much as you can.

Visit Free Attractions

Some of the more popular attractions in New York might not cost you a penny. Head to Central Park, the New York Library and some of the best NYC museums for a cheap day out.

Watch Some TV

Plenty of famous shows are filmed in a theatre in New York, in front of a live studio audience. Try and get studio seats online before you travel, and you might be able to get up close to your favorite shows.

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