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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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You could spend a fortune on getting your business completely up to date with all the latest programs and tools and then find you don’t use half of them, when actually there are loads of tools out there which are free to use and do just as a good a job as the ones you pay for. Some of them are completely free for life and others have options to upgrade if you find it really useful and want more features, either way, you could be making more money, growing your business and gathering more insights and data without having to spend a penny. Check out this list to see which tools could help you out:

Google Slides
While there are many great tools in the Google Suite, one of the handy ones is Google Slides. It is a free way to create PowerPoints and pitch decks and to seamlessly collaborate on them with your team and consultants. They are easy to create, update, and present and they integrate effortlessly with Microsoft and can be used to create videos of your presentations.

Need to create some eye catching social posts or ads? Canva is a great free suite full of design tools which you can use to create social media ads, PPC ads, infographics, beautiful slides, magazines and lots more. It comes with loads of free stock photography built in, and you can even use it to create custom and consistent filters for all your brand images.

Trello is a free project management tool which is very popular with freelancers. It features easy to use to do lists, delegation tools and collaboration for remote teams.

Google Trends
This is a straightforward tool to find out what people are talking about and searching for online, whether interest in something is increasing or decreasing, and if there is enough web traffic to begin building an SEO campaign around.

MailChimp is one of the fantastic free mail tools available. You can start with list building, and automated follow ups for free, but then it also has web forms, pop-ups, and a basic landing page builder too. One of the best things about MailChimp is that it integrates with pretty much everything else for free and you can always export your contact list to a new service if you want to upgrade to something more complicated later.

For your work projects to be successful, you need to plan and prepare for what you have coming up. To do this, a project plan template is vital no matter the size or scope of your project. A good project plan template will account for all the details, formulate and schedule all the steps along the way, and execute each piece with precise accuracy. With Sling, you can get a free project plan template, which is a document that describes the scope and objectives of a project and the steps you and your team will take to satisfy those variables.

Google Analytics
This is a very powerful, free tool which you really should be using. To make sound business and financial decisions, you need data, and Google Analytics gives you either a quick overview or deep dive into who your customers are, what they love about you, what is turning them off, and how to optimize for more conversions and spend your marketing money more wisely.

Boomerang us a tool which you can use with Gmail that enables you to schedule emails to send later on. This can be useful for when you need to give yourself time to think before your response goes out, to time land pitch emails to investors, and to target marketing messages to get there at just the right time for your prospects. It also has a Respondable feature which helps you write better emails by ranking your message on a variety of factors, including reading level, length, positivity level and staying on subject.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for building an audience, targeting recruiting, networking and gaining direct access to investors. Make sure your profile is up to date and looking good and remember to publish to your feed regularly.

PayPal is like a no-cost bank account, merchant account and credit card processor, which allows you to quickly and instantly take payments and give people refunds. PayPal also offers a variety of POS tools now as well as small business loans and lines of credit for those who need them.

Despite there being many other website builders out there, WordPress is still the most popular and runs most of the web. It's free to set up your website or blog is one of the easiest to use and also comes with an enormous amount of plugins.

Medium is a free blogging platform and means that you don't need to mess with any design. All you need to do is to start publishing clean content, getting the word out there about your startup, updating investors on your progress, and attracting more customers.

A must for those who travel regularly, not only can you use Skype to make free calls when you're away, you can also record podcasts, host meetings, and conduct video sessions too. There are plenty of plugins you can get as well.

AngelList is used for people looking to find a startup job, post a job, network with investors, see who is investing in what, and to invest in startups as well.

This is the world's largest freelancing platform and allows you to post jobs for free. It allows you to get just the work you need on-demand without taking on hefty overhead or salaries.

Calendly is used for scheduling appointments, calls and investor meetings with ease; it also Integrates with Wix and Google Calendar.

Wix offers a free account and can help you to create a fully functioning, mobile-friendly website. After using the free plan for a while, you might decide that your business would benefit from all the features a web hosting provider can provide you, then you can opt for a paid web hosting service such as HostGator Web Hosting.

Zoho Recruit
If you don't have many job openings, then Zoho RecruitFree is the tool for you. It is an applicant tracking tool which gives you access to one recruiter and up to five open positions. It also allows you to input, publish, and track jobs until you find the right candidate for your needs. Not only this but you can send emails to applicants via five free email templates, which will make your life easier if you have to send the same messages over and over again.

This is a free, easy-to-use dashboard that lets you stay up-to-date on what your customers are saying via social listening. HootSuite has a free version of its software that's good enough to do the trick for small businesses, and with HootSuite Free, you're also able to manage several social networks at once, schedule posts for later, and interact with your followers. You can also track how many followers you have on each of your platforms and monitor which posts is generating the most engagement. When your business grows, you can move up to one of three premium plans, which gives you access to new profiles, analytics, and multiple users.

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