Product Review: Brand Review: Wilson Predator

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Oh the nice weather- we all like to get out and be outdoors , but with the nice weather, so does everything else like to be out! The mice run wild, the insects crawl and fly so freely and even dogs, cats, raccoons and so on will be out roaming freely. 

If you have some problems with rodents or other animals, a great brand we have been using is Wilson.

This Spring we noticed mice. Even the neighbors did too! We tried the Predator Sonic Max Pro and even though we also put out the Predator Tip Traps, we have yet to catch any as the Sonic Max Pro has been great at keeping the mice away. We have one in the shop and one under the mobile home .Both though are truly great products. I love the tip traps. I felt better that if I would catch a mouse I would just release it rather than killing it.

We also use Wilson's Predator Animal Barrier. It's been great that we have only needed to have one can for the full year, to keep away any animals near the garbage and as well any more mice or squirrels that may want to get into any of the bags in the sheds! Love it!

These products are sure to keep your home, garage, sheds, etc., all free from those headaches you want to be free of!

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