Penny Pinching Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Throwing a party is a great way to get loved ones together, have fun and make memories. But food, drinks and entertainment can be expensive, and if you’re living on a tight budget you might be put off hosting regular get togethers just because of the expense. However, if you’re smart about it, there’s actually lots of great hacks you can take advantage of that allow you and your guests to have fun without it costing much at all. Here are some ideas for going about it!

Go potluck style
‘Bring your own bottle’ is common with parties, and most guests will bring along a drink without even needing to be asked as it’s only polite. But why not go a step further and ask everyone to bring a dish they’ve cooked too? Between all of your guests it means you have a great selection of food to share, you all get to sample each others cooking and there’s no major expense on one person. Instead of forking out hundreds to feed a crowd, you get to slash costs massively and it can be an enjoyable way to enjoy some food! You could assign different kinds of dishes to different guests to ensure you have a good mixture. For example, if you’re going for more of a dinner party, you could ask certain guests to bring starters, others mains and others desserts. You could even set it on a theme such as a type of cuisine so everything goes well together. If you’re going down more of a casual nibbles route, you could assign pastries, sandwiches, sweets and other categories to different guests again so you get a good mixture. If you know you have guests that aren’t particularly confident cooks you could ask them to do something easy, or leave it open so they can choose.

Think of low cost entertainment
There are plenty of ideas for party entertainment, from hiring a band or musician to a tarot card reader to bouncy castles. However, these can all be expensive. Go with ideas that are fun but without breaking the bank, for example, you could set up your own photo booth. You can buy photo booth backdrops cheaply or just use a white sheet, props can be found in dollar stores, eBay and Amazon. Everyone has cameras on their phones these days so can snap their own pictures, it’s a great way to keep people entertained. If you’re throwing a kids party, classic games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs all cost hardly anything. You just need to buy a couple of cheap prizes.

Set the atmosphere
When you’re throwing a party at home, you need to distinguish that it’s a party! You can do this by finding some cheap decor- a pack of balloons can be bought for a dollar and pinned up with some cheap banners that state the occasion you instantly have a room that looks more festive. Use smartphone music apps to find a playlist, upbeat music will instantly put everyone in a party mood. Forget expensive flowers, go on a woodland walk and scoop up some wildflowers to pop in vases and mason jars to brighten the place up.

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