Review: Mist Pro 3

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Although you may think it's a little late in the year with the leaves falling off the trees in some areas of the country- like here- to promote a personal mister, but it really isn't.
Some of us, like us, are snowbirds and will be heading to warmer weather, in a few weeks. When it's warm and the sun is out, we're sitting outside and sunning ourselves. Even the dog loves the sun, but we do at times tend to overheat, and that's where my new personal mister, the Mist Pro3 will come in so handy!
It's also great for those going on a hot holiday for sure...

We have a cheaper version but this one is sooo top of the line. What a difference between the two..
this one comes with a one year warranty, and delivers a premium performance with a continuous ultra-fine mist on command! Love it!!!
Holds 3 oz of water, but yet the mist will mist on forever! 

Requires no batteries or electricity- just works on a pump action, with pressurized air and water.
It retails for $49.99.
I know my daughter who lives where it's hot year round sure would LOVE this, but sorry Ria- your mom wants it too!

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