What Sort Of Traveler Are You?

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to scratch a wanderlust itch. However, you may scratch it in a totally different way to a friend or family member. This is because there are many different sorts of travelers. You might not even know what sort of traveler you are until you’ve actually partaken in a spot of overseas travel. However, by honing your own traveling style, you can plan your trips with a better insight as to the sorts of excursions, outings and tourist hotspots you might want to visit. Take a look at these different traveler types and work out which one you are.

The Culture Vulture

As a culture vulture, the main aim of your holiday is to learn, absorb and marvel at all of the historical wonders that you discover. The chances are that you are into your city breaks and love nothing better than wandering around the streets of Florence, LA or Rome in an effort to get off the beaten track. You avoid the heavily visited tourist hotspots and prefer to get to know the authentic area of a region. You will attend the local pop up museum, the tiny bistro without a sign and the local fish market early in the morning. You forego a guidebook, preferring to talk to the locals. The chances are that you make an effort to learn the language of the destination that you intend to visit and you spend your trip overseas on your feet.

The Spontaneous Traveler

You don’t plan. The spontaneous traveler likes to fly by the seat of their pants. You probably don’t have any accommodation booked, and you probably don’t care. You leave it until you are in a place before you even consider picking up a guidebook or working out what you are going to fill your days with. You love venturing to the airport and getting on the flight that is leaving next. Being spontaneous, you may find yourself spending a little more money than perhaps you should, but you relish every moment that comes your way and have a brilliant trip come what may.

The Relaxing Traveler

The relaxing traveler doesn’t actually do much traveling. Being relaxed is the name of the game when you head overseas, so the chances are that you spend your days by the side of a pool or on a beach. You might not see much of an area, preferring to stay cocooned within a resort. Many would find this traveler boring and would recoil at the thought of an all inclusive vacation. However, for the relaxed traveler, being waited on hand and foot is way more important than seeing the real side of a destination.

Being a hardened traveler of the world means that you know what you want from your jaunts overseas. The chances are that you fit into one of these camps and choose your trips accordingly. Consider changing it up a bit, and venturing outside of your comfort zone to push your boundaries when you head abroad.

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  1. Love this post! I'm definitely a culture vulture. I can't get enough of the history and marvel at how the locals live. Not to mention digging into the local food dives :)


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