Stay Safe On The Move With These Travel Safety Tips

Friday, September 27, 2019

Travel is great for the mind and the sou. If you are looking to make the most of life and explore the world in a new and exciting way, heading for a holiday or adventure is always a great call. Of course, like anything in life, it is important to consider safety when you head for a trip. 

Today we want to share with you some of the best safety tips to follow when you are traveling either across the country or across the world. 

Do your research 

Before you go anywhere, it is important for you to do some research on your destination. In the western world, we have things pretty easy, and it is hard to believe that some places around the world still treat women as a sub-species and have strict dress rules for all. Make sure before you go to any other country that you know the culture, the rules, and the people. Places such as Jordan, for example, can be dangerous for a simple trip and you may not want to risk traveling here if you aren’t familiar with it. Prepare and do some reading, and choose a country to visit that is easy to enjoy without worry. 

Blend in with your surroundings

If you take a walk around your own home city, you will likely notice immediately who the tourists are. Tourists are usually dressed completely differently, are taking photos, and look like they are lost. This makes them an easy target for scammers and pickpockets. When you head for a holiday abroad, you need to make sure that you look like you belong. Dress appropriately, walk with purpose and don’t make yourself stand out as a target. 

Don't flash your wealth

With the technology we have at our disposal in this day and age it is only natural to carry our phone in our hands wherever we go. However, particularly in another country, this is not a smart idea. Keep your phone and other expensive possessions to yourself and this will ensure that you don’t fall victim to a robber. 

Choose a good hotel 

Honestly, there are a lot of amazing hotels in the world and also a lot of bad ones. Be sure when you head out for a holiday that you do sufficient research on the hotels in the area and choose a safe one. The last thing you want is to fall down loose stairs or tiles and have to call Solomon Law Group to help you get compensation. Pick a hotel that is sturdy, safe, and secure. 

Stay safe in transport

There are a lot of forms of transport available to you when you head for a trip abroad, but it is important for you to stay safe and choose one which is secure. Don’t simply hop into a random taxi without checking reviews first, and try to avoid packed out trains because this will bring the risk of pickpockets. 

Gather emergency information

When you are planning a trip abroad, it is incredibly important for you to gather up emergency information such as phone numbers for the closest hospitals, the address for chemists and much more. This will ensure that if you are in a situation that seems dire, you have the resources to seek help. 

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  1. These are great tips. I will use them the next time I travel.


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