The Perfect Job Interview

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The morning of an interview can be a stressful process. Many people let the anxiety build up, and then nerves overwhelm them - and BAM, it all goes up in smoke. But those first few moments will have an impact on the rest of the interview. 

In fact, let’s take it further back. Your interview starts from the night before…

Night Before

You are going to need a good night’s rest. Now is not the time to try and cram extra information in your head. If you usually have a ritual that you do before bed, stick to it. Try to get to bed and rest early, even if you don’t sleep just yet. You can use the Calm app and listen to some sleep stories that will calm you. 


The moment you open your eyes, take a few minutes to just breathe in and out for a while. Focus on the end of the day, after you nailed your job interview and you are having your evening meal or meeting up with friends. You will already have your outfit laid out ready because you googled what to wear to a job interview in advance and are confident in your choices. 

Have your typical breakfast, coffee, and a minute of peace. 


As soon as you arrive at the building, work under the assumption that anyone here could be your future employer. You never know how not holding the door, or having a loud conversation on the phone might impact your interview. Be polite, smile, and follow the instructions that you are given. 

First Impression

Now, if you didn’t meet your interviewer accidentally out in the hall, you have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. Eye contact is going to matter, so make sure that you catch their eye. A firm handshake is usually a sign of confidence which you are going to want to display. Looking like you are glad to be, there will matter. Your nonverbal cues will give you away. 

In order to look approachable, keep your body language open. When you find something interesting lean in. Project enthusiasm and interest in everything that they say. It is a delicate balance though, if you are faking it then they will probably be able to tell. 

Small Talk

How is the weather? Was there any traffic? Have you seen X in the news? They are doing this so that they make you feel relaxed about being there. It is a quick way to build a connection. Which you need in order to perform, and they need in order to listen to another candidate. 

Leave Well

Once your interview is over, you are going to get up and leave. Make sure that you leave the right impression by wishing the interviewer a successful search, a great day, and you hope to hear from them soon. Smile, shake their hand, and if there was a great question in the pack tell them. This isn’t about ‘sucking up’ this is about leaving both you and them on a positive note. 

Be positive, arrive early, and do your research.


  1. This is great thank you. I hate the interview it's so nerve racking. This is helpful.

  2. These are great tips. I will use these on my next job interview.


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