2020 Father's Day Gift Guide

Friday, May 29, 2020

Celebrate Father's Day June 21st, 2020! Find the perfect gift for Father's Day but checking out some of the brands we're partnering with this year.

Timbre & Style-

Father’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate our dads which usually sneaks up on us as we are still congratulating ourselves for having aced Mother’s Day. Gift ideas that are both useful and affordable do not always come easy. When time is of the essence, however, nothing at all may come to mind. Drawing conclusions from recent purchases of your dad may not work either: between juggling chores at home and tackling competing priorities in their jobs, dads may not find the time to shop for themselves. So, what do you give to a person who seemingly has everything they ever wanted? Considering how your dad spends his few moments of free time may be a straight-forward way to finding a gift that he is actually going to enjoy.

Timbre & Style is a new apparel company that has been challenging state-of-the-art processes of graphic design. The designs focus on topics people are passionate about, and they are slightly abstract which makes them look engaging for a long time: people deeply involved in the topic will “connect the dots”, while others may only see geometric shapes. All Timbre & Style t-shirts are printed on high-quality and ultra-comfortable fabrics. You can find them at as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

goSili’s Travel Mug-

Dad will love his morning coffee or favorite beverage in goSili’s Travel Mug, the only silicone coffee cup on the market without a plastic lid. GoSili travel mugs are 100% platinum European grade silicone and 100% plastic-free with an embedded stainless steel ring that makes them strong enough to grip without collapsing. It's microwaveable, it's stylish, and it'll fit in dad’s cup holder!

Rad Dad Crop•Ex Coffee Gift Set-

Rad Dad Crop•Ex Coffee Gift Set
includes $10 discount to use on future orders

$25 with free shipping (over $45 value)

The perfect gift for the father in your life who appreciates a hint of exotic in their morning cup of Joe. This Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. Father's Day gift set includes two 12-ounce bags of Crop•Ex single origin coffee. The Costa Rica Tarrazu is a medium-dark roast with hints of dark chocolate and orange peel. The Ethiopia Guji Hambela is a medium-light roast with hints of caramel and lime. Order online.

While best known for its delectable flavored coffees, Barnie’s also sells Crop•Ex, a premium line of single-origin, small batch roasts. Each Crop Ex specialty coffee can be traced back to its literal roots in family farms around the globe. On the day it’s roasted, each bag is hand-signed and dated to validate its authenticity.

**Watch this spot for more gift ideas coming soon!

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