Spreading Your Income - Tips For Making A Little Pocket Change

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has made a number of things very clear to the everyday man - the top of the list has perhaps been that relying on one stream of income can often be a little uncertain in times like these - we’ve seen worldwide record high unemployment numbers and the struggles faced by those who are now in a position they didn’t think they would be. This had led to the surge in searches for those looking to find a different method of income, even in the short term - and here are some great tips for making a little extra.

Market your hobby

We’ve seen a number of sites pop up over the years that really help in this field such as Etsy, but if you have a creative hobby now may be the perfect time to grow your hobby into something a little more. This doesn’t need to be anything too extravagant either, if you’re able to focus in on a small niche you may be able to find success without the need to try too hard, especially if your product is a good one. Once you find your small pocket to operate within, you may be able to move away from some of these marketplaces and set up your own dedicated space, but this may be a great way to earn a little extra on the side whilst doing something you love.

Betting and gambling -

A bit of a risky one for some, but there are plenty that are able to safely make a little pocket change from doing a little betting here and there, especially if you understand it. You can find a list of non UK casinos here that offer great odds and sign up bonuses to get started, if you avoid a lot of the high risk of random games, you may be able to find a game that gives you a good return in a safe way - all it takes is practice and a little time, as well as a lot of control to not reach too far.

Document your journey -

Vlogging and blogging are still just as big as they ever  were and there’s a growing popularity in documenting your niche journey - it may not be something that takes off immediately, but if you stick to it you may be able to find an audience represented within your niche who may be interested in how you’ve found some success. As your audience grows, your income may grow alongside it if you’re able to gain subscribers or viewers through whichever platform you decide works for you - if you’re passionate it will show.

There are plenty of other avenues that you can take too, these are just a few small suggestions - as mentioned however it has become more important than ever to be able to support yourself in more ways than one during this crisis - it’s still uncertain whether or not a second wave of infection may come causing further delays in getting back to work, now may be the perfect time to try something new.

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