Enjoy a Sustainable Picnic or BBQ This Summer Season

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Although we are heading into a "new normal" this summer, the good news is that you can still enjoy a summer picnic or barbecue while social distancing.

Rather than grilling meat or packing your picnic basket with food that's packaged in plastic, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint by enjoying homemade snacks and meat alternatives instead. Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet this summer can have great positive environmental impacts. In fact, the average meat alternatives produce 10 times less greenhouse gas emissions than beef!
Here are some of World Centric Zero Waste Manager Lauren Olson’s tips for keeping your summer picnics and barbecues sustainable this summer:

Sustainable Picnic Tips:
  • Walk instead of drive to a local park or picnic spot
  • Bring a compo-stable bag to collect waste
  • Pack organic, local food
  • Avoid individually packaged products
  • Use reusable containers with bulk snacks, cut vegetables/fruit
  • Use natural and non-toxic sunscreens and bug repellent
  • Use reusables or World Centric compostables
  • Up-cycle an old sheet or towel into a picnic blanket

Sustainable BBQ Tips:
  • Grill veggies and plant-based meat alternatives
  • If you grill meat, make sure it’s organic and locally sourced
  • Buy less food than you think you’ll need to avoid food waste
  • Get bulk beverages rather than individual bottles and cans
  • Use reusables or World Centric compostables
  • Compost your food scraps

Tips for a socially-distanced picnic with friends:
  • Don't go to a crowded public park
  • Try a backyard picnic
  • Bring a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves
  • Setup blankets to be 6+ feet apart
  • Bring your own food and supplies, don’t share
  • Play a game like charades, rather than Frisbee
  • Always clean up after yourself

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