Our Changing Lockdown Behaviours

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lockdown has led many stuck at how for the past two to three months seek out new ways to stay busy or to stay entertained whilst waiting for the green light to get back to a normal day to day, whilst for some that day may be extremely close, there is still the possibility that there could be further delays extending this period of time - for many these changes are new forms of entertainment may be likely to stick around for a longer period of time, but what are some of the most popular alternatives?

DIY and home improvement -

It may be a surprise to many, but one of the most popular ways that many in lockdown are filling their day can be found in home improvement - there had been a big surge of people visiting DIY stores to get supplies to use their time to do some gardening or a little home improvement. Perhaps these are tasks that you’ve been putting off for a while because you just didn’t have time with your busy schedule, or just unsure on how to tackle the new project - this period of downtime has presented many with a way to approach doing so with all the free time available.

A hobby job -

I know what you’re thinking, how can a job be considered entertainment? Well fortunately for many during the lockdown, more time can be spent on their favourite hobby, and also luckily for many that means they have been able to turn something they love into a pseudo job whilst they may not currently be at work. This could be through crafting hobbies where you utilise sites such as Etsy to sell your goods, or even service sites like Fiverr for things in the creative field like video editing. Whilst it may not be a permanent solution, it could lead to many looking for a change in environment in the future.

A bit of gaming -

It’s not surprise that both gaming and streamed content have become extremely popular, what may be surprising is the audience that this may be targeting - mobile gaming especially is up amongst an older audience which has only been accelerated by the lockdown - the most popular of these can be found in online casinos as some have been facing their own struggles recently with regulation change and the introduction of initiatives such as gamstop, but directories such as this site are great for non UK casinos and a big part in why this market in particular is managing to grow an audience. Given that this also provides some with a chance to maybe win a little money on the side too, it’s no surprise that growth has been seen here.

For others changes may not be seen in alternative entertainment as many are finding a shift in priorities as more home life is leading many to reevaluate how much time is spent doing other stuff - and now lockdown is drawing to an end, it’s expected that big changes will be seen in how people handle their day to day, many of these changes in behaviour may be seen to remain for the longer term.

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