Online Transactions - Huge in the World Today

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Online transactions have become a huge phenomenon in the world today. With the advent of services like PayPal, Venmo, and others, it is now easier than ever to process payments without going to the bank or opening your checkbook. Paper checks, however, are still very popular. Many businesses use them to make payments, and it is still preferred by many in the financial world. As a business, it is important to have your own checks to make payments wherever necessary. While you can rely on your bank for your checks, the internet has also made it easier than ever to customize your checks. There are several companies that do it for much less than your bank will charge. 

Can I Print My Checks On My Own?

The short answer is yes, you can. You can use any printer to do it, and you can print in any colors or designs that you want. The important information you have to keep in mind is that there is some critical information that is absolutely necessary to include in your design. They are:
  • Your account number 
  • Your bank routing number
  • The number of the check 
  • Your name and address
  • Contact information for your bank 
Additionally, you have to make sure that you use magnetic ink to print the check, use MICR font, and make sure you use special check stock paper. This ensures that no one can misuse your checks in any way, and ensures your checks are secure and safe for use. While you can do this, it is not the easiest thing to do. When managing a business, it rarely makes sense to add on another task to the ever-growing list when you can get it done easily and more cost-effectively online. 

Okay, That’s a Lot. I Want to Buy Online to Save Myself the Hassle. Where Should I Buy It From?

There is no set place for you to buy your checks. Depending on your location, you should research good companies that are reliable and trustworthy. You can use some parameters to make a judgment call that is right for your unique situation.

Information Asked For 

Your checks need to have some of your personal information. Your name, address, account number, bank routing number, and contact information for your bank are what should be asked for. If there are other people signed on to the account, their information may be asked for. No other information is needed. If a company is asking for more information - beware! It is not necessary and they may be trying to defraud you. 


Ask the local business community if they have had any interactions or experiences with your chosen company. If choosing a national company, ask on various online forums, and take a look at all reviews on business listing websites. Check for recent reviews and if any are negative. If they are, see if the company has responded and tried to resolve the situation with the reviewer. Buying bank checks online for business has become a very large market, and you want to ensure you’re choosing the best of the best from the many options available. 

Software Compatibility

Most businesses use some form of software to help with accounting. Not every check is compatible with every accounting software there is as there is no universal standard. Thus, when you are searching for the right printing company, make sure that they have the option of printing checks that are compatible with the software you are using, otherwise, it’s all money down the drain as you have to reprint your order. 

Small Details 

When looking for a good deal online, you have to keep an eye out for small details. For example, company A might offer to print a pack of 2 checkbooks for $10 while company B offers a 2-pack for $20. You choose company A, and when your order gets here, you see that each checkbook has only 50 leaves! Checking online, you can see company B’s offer is actually $20 for 200 leaves, which is a much better deal. Shipping is also another small detail you should keep an eye out for. The prices differ between companies, and it adds to the total. You might find a great deal for $20, and find out they charge another $10 for shipping. While it may not seem like much, but the costs definitely add up. 

Thus, while printing checks seems like an easy, no-brainer process with all the options available online, there are actually several factors you need to take into account. This makes the process safe for you and your business! 

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