Review: Sibu Sea Berry (sea buckthorn) Oil

Sunday, June 7, 2020

I love trying skincare products- and with being 50+, my skin becomes more and more "needy" as time marched on.

I recently was reading about a product called sea buckthorn, and found a company selling beauty products made with it, called Sibu.

Sea buckthorn skin benefits are vast, powerful, and incredibly healing. I have been using the sea berry seed oil of theirs for a few weeks already, on my face, and noticed wrinkle lines around my eyes have minimized. I find it makes my skin glow, and am going to start trying it on my legs. The oil appears to be very good for my face, and with dry legs that are hard to keep moisturized, this product is one I will have to start applying elsewhere on my body.
Everyone deserves to have beautiful skin and the confidence that comes with it...
But finding the right treatment for your skin type can be tricky.
Sea Berry (sea buckthorn) Oil has worked for my face, and am onward to trying it on my hands, and legs. Read the testimonials on their page, and you will see others have good things to say as well! Find how it can benefit you.

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