Work From Home- Lawn Maintenance

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Being retired doesn't mean you have nothing to do. Gerry can tell you he has more than enough to always keep busy with around our place, helping out my parents, and keeping up with my "projects" for him -LOL

He was working for someone for a few years cutting lawns but found he could make more money by having his own business. He mostly cuts for seniors that still like to be in their own homes but he also cuts for others who don't want to cut their own lawns or have health issues.

He just bought a ride on mower for $1700 and they are $3400 new. Only has 140 hours on it. Has to buy a blade for $80 and bought ramps for $200. Still needs a trailer to haul everything but using the neighbors in the meantime. 

It's a business where he has had to turn down alot of people that want cutting done because as far as he knows only 1-2 other people in town do this.
He started out with just a mower or two and does the business on his own, but it's a great work from home for someone else to try! Busy, busy!

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