How to Save Money Buying DVD Movies

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Many people love to buy DVD movies for many reasons, depends on their preferences. It can be really fun to grow your collection and to have a large base of movies to watch over and over again whenever you feel like it. However, if you are a DVD collector then this may be an expensive hobby. DVDs themselves could cost anywhere from around 10 to 30 dollars, which adds up when you buy tens of DVDs in any given year. Here is a quick guide on how to save money when shopping for your DVD movies.

1)Don't Buy Brand New

This almost goes without saying - brand new movies are going to be much more expensive that second-hand DVD movies and you don't have to pay for them. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to find some great second hand discs that could end up costing you about half the money of the new movie. This is a great way to save, or it could even enable you to afford twice as many DVD movies to add to your collection! You can usually find some great deals at garage sales or even charity stores.

2)Buy Ex-Rentals

These are second-hand DVD movies that you buy directly from the rental stores. They are greatly reduced in price due to the fact that they may have been rented out many times. This means you should be careful when buying - make sure they aren't too scratched etc. However, you should be able to find some great bargains if you look carefully.

3)Shop Around

This applies both for new as well as second-hand DVD movies. Different shops will always sell the same movie at a different price, so you can really save some money if you are willing to spend some time looking around for the best deal. This may also mean finding shops that offer deals such as 3 for 2, or shopping around in sale times.

4)Buy New Releases Straight Away

If you really do want to buy brand new then it is best to buy new releases as soon as they come out. Whilst DVD movies will eventually go down in price, this could take a few years. If you can't wait then the price will always be best as soon as they have been released. This is due to the fact that there are usually special offers on the movie trying to make it sell well in its first few weeks.

5)Buy Independent Movies At A Later Date

The above rule only applies to blockbuster movies. If you are into independent movies then these are usually more expensive than the blockbusters when they first come out. If you have the patience then it is always best to wait as long as possible before buying the DVD movie so you can benefit from the biggest savings.

DVD movies really needn't be as expensive as you think. Follow these tips and you can ensure your collection grows with money to spare!

About the Author- article written by Weera Kunti

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