A Not So Great Nature Walk

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I go out for the odd skidoo ride every now and again. But a few weeks back, Gerry had broke down with the skidoo, was alone, and ended up walking 9 miles back to town. He wasn't in the best of shape when he got home, and hadn't taken the cell phone. We went out for another ride today, through the bush, and out on the lake- always see a few animal tracks - saw wolf tracks today. Not any skidooers.
After we had gotten home, and did a few errands for the day, Gerry decided he wanted to go out again on his own. He took the cell phone this time, but there was little I could do when he called. He had broke down again. The skidoo slowly slowed to a stop while he was riding.He was about a mile out this time.The skidoo remains out in the bush, till he can get my brother's skidoo to haul it back.He wants to trade it in now- just too unreliable.

                                                        Out On the Trail

Me on our skidoo-posed for shot- I usually ride on the back!

***** Update: went out this evening to pick up the skidoo- towed it back, and it started- but certainly not wanting to go through that uncertainty again.

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