Can You Give/Tithe and Be Frugal at the Same Time?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When one gets into the mindset of being thrifty, frugal and a penny pincher, at times we can hang on to as much of our money as we possibly can. We see it as a game, where we begin seeing our bank accounts rise, with every extra dollar we add,but can that mindset get in the way of giving? It was beginning to get like that with me.
I wanted to save every bit that I did manage to save in my bank account. It was hard parting with what I saved.However lately,
I have been reading alot lately on tithing.
It does seem like if we give more freely of our dollars for charity and the church, it will be multiplied 10x over for us.
I have been giving this a try after reading Edwene Gaines book: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity- so will see what happens.
I'd love to hear from others on their views.
Do you feel you give and it is given back to you or do you hold back your money as you try to save more to build your bank account? When we become more and more frugal, at times is it hard even to give to charity?
Have you ever found yourself saying you are "charity"?



  1. I think we all have a duty to give to worthy charities. However people give is their business. I prefer to make sure in my monthly budget there is money for giving to charities. I do not tithe to a church nor will I ever tithe to a church. But that's just me.

  2. Swinging by from MBC. I added your button to my sidebar. You can check out my blogs here:

  3. When you give.. it is returned.. but it has to be given freely. :)

  4. A friend of mine saves while giving... she uses coupons for items that she gives to food banks.
    She has definitely inspired me to do the same!

  5. I think that what your friend does is nice.Although I like to be careful with my spending, I feel that giving is good for the soul.


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