How to Lose Weight on a Budget

Friday, April 30, 2010

Here’s a key to losing weight on a budget. That means not paying for weekly shots, menus, membership fees, etc. It’s free and it’s readily available to most people. It’s your local library.

Don’t overlook the library as a way to lose weight. It’s full of free resources. Here are some of the best ones.

Fitness DVDs

Most libraries have or let you special order fitness DVDs. This is a great way to try out a lot of different work outs to find what one you like and will stick to.


Besides exercise you’ll need to focus on reducing the number of calories you eat. There are also cookbooks you can check out that focus on low calorie recipes.

Health Magazines

My library also has health magazines. Just reading about the successes of others is helpful. You think about what you read. I find when I read about celebrities I think about drama and all the things I want to buy. When I read about getting in shape it makes me want to get in shape. I like to read the stories that tell how it’s done.

Self Help Books

There are books about everything you need to understand the root of your weight issues. For example look for books about emotional eating or the science of losing weight. I recommend checking out You: On a Diet (I got the CDs and listened to them on the way to work).

Cook and plan your meals in advance and store your food in portion-controlled sizes. Whenever you get back from the grocery store, wash and cut up fruits and vegetables and put in containers so they are easier to grab than junk food. I also love to use my juicer to make healthy drinks and again, use the library (or the Internet) for recipes to try. I love adding plain yogurt and ice to my juices and experimenting with new ingredients. Unlike energy drinks, smoothies or juices are loaded with vitamins and can keep you full longer. You can also add your own supplements like the lecithin at this vitamin store.

The last element of losing weight that’s important and budget-friendly is to start a support group. Studies have shown that having a structured group increases the chances you will succeed. So find other moms or people who you like who you can meet with and keep each other accountable. Find a workout buddy. If you don’t know anyone start your own group on (nominal fee).

Alright, your turn! Any ideas for losing weight on a budget? We want to hear them!

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