Saving Money with Gardening Season

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The gardening season is upon us (finally)! Gardens can be a great stress reliever plus they can really boost your grocery budget later in the season. Of course, they only help your budget if you are careful with the cost that goes into the garden! Here are ten money saving tips for starting your garden:

Plan Before You Buy! Plan your garden so plants and seeds do not go to waste. Make sure you also research the plants that you want so you don't end up buying a shady plant for a sunny spot - if it dies then it is not only money down the drain, it is also more work you will have to do later!

Share with a Friend! You can do this one of two ways. You can either purchase the seeds (or plants) and then split them or you can agree to each grow certain types of fruits and vegetables that you trade away at the end of the season. The second way is great for those of you with small spaces (or who live in an apartment). I did this one year with some friends. Everybody picked one type of vegetable and that was all they had to grow.

Shop Online! Check out Mr. Rebates or Ebates  for money saving coupons and rebates. The company will ship it to you when it is time to plant so there is no guesswork and you will save money.

Check with your local Arboretum and Botanical Gardens! They usually have special sales a few times a season on plants that are well taken care of. The staff is also knowledgeable and willing to help you out.

Share Rental Costs! If you need to rent a tiller or other landscaping item (chipper, green waste dumpster, etc) then see if a neighbor, family member, or friend needs it too. Splitting the rental cost or space can save a lot of money.

Use Native Plants. They are easier to care for and more hardy.

Conserve Water. Often times you do not need to water. If you have to water then do it in the morning before the sun comes up. An even better option is to install a drip system.

Create Your Own Compost! Compost your kitchen scraps and use that in your garden. It is cheap, saves the landfills, and will be beneficial for your plants.

Line the Beds with Newspaper. It will help keep the weeds back, but will decompose (unlike plastic liners).

Use a Cheap Insecticide. This works well on flowers. 1-2% baking soda mixed in water with a small amount of Safer's Insecticidal Soap

My name is Heidi and I write for Little People Wealth, a money saving blog that teaches you to Spend Small to Live Large! I hope to see you there soon so you can save money too.


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