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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I had a nice half hour chat today with Christina, from "Christina Predicts". Thank you Christina for all your insight.
I have always enjoyed having readings done, and read alot of new age stuff myself.I like to learn more about myself and about some of my life struggles: health, jobs, home life.I always find it interesting.
Christina and I talked about people that have passed along in our pasts, as well as some of my health issues,where I may be heading in life,and more. I enjoyed my talk and promised to keep in touch with her.

Christina was born a gifted psychic reader. At the age of seven, she was able to see her deceased brother. Christina heard his voice, and the message was very clear.

That was the day that changed her life.

Her reality became spirituality. She started to advance in her gifts, which became stronger by her spirit guides teaching her. Little by little, she would start to develop different abilities, which include readings such as Psychic, Tarot, Palm, Chakra, Past Life, Medium, Karmic, Akashic, Empathic, Animal, Infant, Love, Money, and Career. Also, she is able to do Feng Shui, Healings, Astrology, Hypnosis, and Massage.

Christina has become a vehicle for the Spiritual Realm. Everyday, she is learning more and more ways to progress in her gifts, as well as in helping others. She has a wide range of clients across the globe that consist of everyday people to celebrities.

She offers the following services, with rates on site.

•Tarot Card Reading

•Angel Reading


•Past Life

•Feng Shui









•Time Lines

•Psychic Readings Online
Please do drop by Christina's site.

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