Review: Dyson DC31 Hand Held Vac

Saturday, April 10, 2010

At first glance one might ask, "what is this?" It does look odd, but it is a Dyson DC31 hand held vacumm.
Let me tell you- this is THE BEST- (and yes, I'm yelling),hand held vacumm we have EVER used or tried.
It's like having a new toy!
The things we loved about it are of course, that it is cordless and extremely powerful- unlike an old duster buster I used to have.It comes with about 4-5 attachments, and has a fair sized canister for collecting dirt, hey is not awkward or heavy to hold.Much like a cordless drill.
It also comes with a 2 year warrenty.
We are having snow today so won't be using it on the vehicles yet, but was doing couches and such today and love it, but can't wait to use it on the vehicles- as it will be so nice not to have to drag out the big shop vac, just to clean my car. Thank you Dyson!!

Dyson DC31 is a great-with dual power mode that gives longer run-time for large jobs or extra suction for stubborn dirt. Powered by the new Dyson digital motor - three times faster, the most power efficient.

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