Vision Boards- Laws of Attraction?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And for those that asked...
here is my own vision board:

Have you ever heard of a Vision Board?A vision board is simply a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life.
I put together my own version of a Vision Board today.It couldn't hurt I thought and I had fun doing it- clipping pictures of things I'd like to have come into my life: luck, money, contest winnings and so much more.Vision boards are  powerful tools when used in conjunction with the law of attraction.Your pictures can be of better health, a slimmer body, money for charities, money for yourself. Whatever you wish! Spend a few moments everyday looking at the board you create and envisioning what you have placed on your board.It is the law of attraction: The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives anything that we give attention to, regardless whether it be positive or negative.
Have fun!



  1. Bravo. I have a vision board too but I do want to take a look and change things up. They are incredably worth it. You'll see.

  2. This is so cool.. is that yours in the picture.

    I might take the time to do one.. :)

    Betty Ann

  3. P.S. how is your bathroom coming along??

  4. Bathroom -still doing the outside walls around the bathroom- and scraped the ceiling down on the inside as it was popcorn ceiling..slow going as Gerry has been working as well, but last week of April took off so he can work on it.

  5. No, this is not my vision board- I tried taking a photo of it but it didnt come out the greatest- maybe I'll try again and post for all to see my visions.

  6. Cool.. I'm inspired by you to do one.. !!


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