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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review by: Ria

Woot-woot! Got my Halloween costume in from and LOVE IT!

I usually don't get excited about holidays, but I really enjoy Halloween and like dressing up as something new every year. The costume I picked out this year was the Parade Wizard Adult Costume.

I like the super scary/blood/guts/gore costumes that this site sells but because I work at a daycare, super freaky costumes are not really appropriate. Although this wizard is SO cute it's scary, and I am sure I'm gonna make some little kid pee in their pull-up when they see it!

The way that this costume is made makes it seem like the wizard is a dwarf with a giant head! The face measures about a foot and a half across and is worn as a chest piece which wraps around with hair in the back. You are inside the costume and "see" out of the oversized hat! There are small eye screens inside which allow you to see everything (quite clearly too!) but nobody can see you! The face is made of soft plastic and robe/hat are polyester. I love the material they used down the front of the robe with the glittery gold stars (would like to find some of this to use in one of my quilts!) and this costume should fit everyone. It comes in one size fits all and would fit a large range of sizes. I am 5'4 and there is at least a foot of material left at the bottom of the gown which I haven't decided is I am going to pin, or leave loose and hanging. It is very big in the body area as well but still seems to drape nicely on my smaller frame. I would love to see this costume on a bigger man and may have to get someone I know to try it on! (Dad?) I am also doing Boo at the Zoo this year so I will have plenty of room to wear my snow suit under the costume if it turns out to be a freezing Halloween night.

The costume does not come with gloves or a wand, which kinda made me sad but I should be able to buy one before Halloween and will just wear black winter gloves with it. What's a wizard without a wand? Other than that I was very impressed with this costume, which sells for $79.99 on the website. If you don't have your costume yet, better hurry! Only 15 more days 'till Halloween!

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