Wednesday-October 5

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well, I learned today that by using Google Chrome, things I couldn't accomplish with Internet Explorer and such, I can now do with Google Chrome.
In light of the recent problem one reader had over entering our giveaways, I can see that some browsers seem to work better than others.So, I tried using Google Chrome, and the publishing problem I had before is now gone.
Thank you to everyone who sent in their replies.

Tommorow is my gramma's 89th birthday. I feel blessed to have had a gramma around for so long, and hope for her to see a 90th birthday next year.She is my last living grandparent.

I got a nice phone call yesterday from Canada Bread/Maple Leaf, from a contest I had entered. 3rd prize- 1 entry: A backpack filled with school supplies worth $107.
Although I do not have young kids that go to school,we are looking forward to the prize and may be able to sell the backpack on our local buy and sell online.Not sure what's inside the backpack but can share with family if we don't need something.

Every morning I've been getting up and there are less leaves on the trees it seems. Things are just a bit more dreary looking too.
I've already added another big quilt to our bed- well, half the bed.Gerry is always more warm blooded than I.

Off for the evening- enjoy yours- and have a good week everyone.


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