Wednesday-October 12

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm fighting to keep my eyes open as it's getting late, but one more post for the night, to share some tidbits.

Erika will hopefully be getting a new heated throw after her not so old one from Sunbeam, started losing heat.We had that happen a few times with our bigger ones we have for our bed.Good thing about buying Sunbeam, is that they stand behind their products and have always replaced blankets that have died on us.Save your receipts and your warranty info everyone. You never know when you may need it, and it saves you from buying new again.

You may have remembered me saying I had bought a used Kobo a few weeks ago and got a great deal on it, and I did, but I think I like my hard copy books better and can see myself selling this one.

We were able to get the last of the insulation that Gerry needed for his workshop, at a good deal. Found another guy recently that just gave us his leftover bundle and his friend sold us 6 more bundles for almost half that we would have paid at the hardware store.We have been looking for leftover wall board as well, but haven't had luck with that one so may have to buy that new.It's 8.99 a sheet and Gerry figures he'll need at least 16 sheets for the inside walls.

My grandma gave us an early wedding gift today. $100- so she said we better still be going ahead and getting married-LOL. That $100 we will use to pay for our marriage license that we will need to pick up in Key West before the ceremony. Seems like a steep price to pay for a license but I guess it is what it is and no bargaining there.

On a last note for the night, we have a local grocery supermarket that is closing it's doors in 2 days. They have been operating for 5 years plus and apparently say they are losing money. It's too bad. We don't have many stores here and their prices were not bad. I was able to get 30-50% savings on alot of their things in the last few days, but upon going today, most of it had been packed up and possibly going to another one of their chains, 100 miles from here.I can see our grocery bill going up though as produce and other items are higher at another store I'll have to shop at.We do have a Walmart here but it doesn't have meats or produce and a limited frozen and dairy section.Stay tuned- we hope that the building, as big as it is, will just not be left there and that there will be plans in the works to bring in another supermarket chain.We can only hope.


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