Tips On Being Winter Road Ready

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

While the snow outside may be nice and mystical, it does equate with some horrible driving conditions. Most drivers hate driving in winter road conditions. However with a little preparation and by taking your time, you do not have to fear old man winter.

How to prepare you and your vehicle for winter

State Farm® encourages responsible driving every day of the year, and especially during cold weather months when inclement weather is more common. If driving conditions turn treacherous and leave you stranded, emergency roadside items can help you stay safe until help arrives.
Roadside emergency kits should include items like jumper cables, an ice scraper, a tire-pressure gauge, a ratchet set with rigid hand driver, a pair of standard slip-joint pliers, a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, among other items.
When you do set out during the winter months, here are some useful winter driving suggestions:

·         Never warm up your vehicle in a closed garage.
·         Keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent gas line freeze-up.
·         Make sure your exhaust pipe is not clogged with mud or snow.
·         Don't use cruise control on icy roads.
·         Allow more time for braking when visibility is poor.
·         Stay calm if you start to skid.

Check out for more winter driving survival tips. 

Also some great products you need to have in the car:

Arctic Winter Wiper Blades

Get your car prepared for the harsh winter elements with a new set of windshield wiper blades.  PEAK Arctic Winter Wiper Blades are a great option, featuring a tough steel frame construction that can handle what winter throws at it and will not twist, warp or crack, keeping out ice, sleet and snow. And be sure to keep your car stocked with wiper fluid. PEAK offers a great -20 Windshield Wash to power through windshield dirt and grime.

900 PEAK Amp Jump Starter

Another essential for your car this winter is the 900 PEAK amp Jump-Starter, which allows you to jump-start your own battery. This is a must-have product in your vehicle as the temperature drops to help if you run into any trouble on the road this winter, as you'll have everything you need to jump-start your own vehicle. Plus, it has an integrated 1 Amp USB port and 12V DC outlet can give your electronic devices a boost in no time.

PEAK Long Life 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant

And don’t forget to keep your car stocked with Antifreeze! PEAK Long Life 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant is a great option, which can work for all automobiles and light-duty trucks. It offers all of the same benefits in a convenient pre-diluted antifreeze with no need to add water.

For more information on all of these products are more, visit  

9 Winter Must Have Tips from :

#1 - Good winter tires or chains
#2 - Windshield fluid filled up - absolutely imperative on slushy days
#3 - Ice scraper - if you've forgotten one use a credit card.
#4 - Shovel; sand can come in handy too
#5 - Warm blankets, extra hat and mitts
#6 - Winter boots
#7 - A thermos of something hot - good for melting anything frozen;
extra food in case you get caught on a highway for hours
#8 - A good book to help you pass the time if you're waiting for a pass
to open, or help to come
#9 - A membership to an automobile club - like AAA or CAA

Plus, when you're out and about this winter, don't be caught in inclement weather unprepared! The AutoBoss' patent pending design is adjustable and clears snow from hard to reach places. It offers simple extension and retraction, multiple hand placement options and its sleek, compact profile makes for easy storage. In fact, it's so lightweight and portable that you'll want to take it along on your next hiking or camping trip! It's available for purchase at Home Depot, Ace and other retailers. Prices vary, starting at $9.99

Another great Winter essential from Honey-Can-Do :
a trunk organizer that is great for organizing winter gear in your vehicle to keep it from spilling all over the place! Love it! It has a middle divider, outside mesh pockets, two carrying handles and can fold flat when not in use.

There are also the top three winter driving essentials from Greg Burchette,
owner of Bridgewater MOTORWORKS, an AAA Approved auto repair shop in
Bridgewater, NJ.

1. *Make sure your car has an emergency kit for winter driving conditions*.
We recommend carrying jumper cables, flashlight, kitty litter, gloves, a
first aid kit, and more. Click here for the list of 20 items they suggest.

2. *Get your battery checked: *Ask your mechanic if your battery is going
to hold up to winter weather. The technician can easily check your battery
using a digital multimeter and a load tester. If you don't have an
established relationship with a trusted mechanic, this is a good
opportunity to begin to develop one.

3. *Check you tires.* Is there enough tread for driving in winter
conditions? It's recommend that your tread depth be at least 4/32 an inch
which is double what you need in the summer. (But be advised, some states
require 3/32 minimums to pass safety inspections) To easily check your
tires yourself, insert a quarter in the tread of your tires. The tread must
cover Washington's hairline to be the right depth. Depending on your
winter driving conditions you may want to install snow tires.

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