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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Well, I've had another "vision" .
We have a small food pantry.
We also have a separate stand alone cupboard.
I want to have a bigger pantry- one where everything is in one place and not some here and some there, so we have decided we are going to expand the pantry closet we have now, and get rid of the single cupboard.
It will be much better to have everything in one place and I may be able to stockpile a bit better with more room.
Today the hardware store had a bi-fold doors sale, so we bought a 36" bi fold for $55.99 plus tax. Did phone over to the other hardware store just to make sure it WAS a deal, and it is actually was, as theirs were $89.99.

                                            ( Closet/pantry we want to make bigger)

                                   ( Inside- a few bare shelves as I was moving things around and experimenting.)

                                  ( The extra spare cupboard that also keeps dry goods and some pans in it that I want to do away with and just add everything to the new pantry.
Figured I could sell this cupboard and use the money towards paying for the new pantry materials).

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